W I N T E R  has officially begun in Utah. Over the past week we have gotten at least ten inches of snow, it's barely gotten above twenty degrees, and there are Christmas lights everywhere. 

This happened a little while ago but I forgot to blog about it so...
This may be the worst photo ever and I didn't even soften the blow with a filter- BUT- I had the opportunity to meet an author I had been dying to meet for ages. Marie Lu. An incredible author/ former video game designer based out of LA. I loved her books a. because the plot is somewhat based on Les Mis (my suspicions confirmed when she admitted it in an interview) b. she writes from the seat of her pants she plans nothing it just comes, moves, and flows c. because she has an artistic background she writes very visually and with much detail and I just appreciate it soooo much and d. is for distopian duh! I got the chance to tell her how much I enjoyed her work from a visual perspective and she complemented my outfit and style (talk about mini-heart attack). I did not though get the courage up to ask her if she based Day off of Edward Elric (which she totally did) but she did sign her new book for me and I learned her fiancé's name is Primo which she named the dictator after (Primo Elector)- how cool is that?! Best. Day. Ever.

Decorated the homestead a bit.

Things got messy with art projects.

Then there was ice skating in the arctic. It was only like -2 degrees. We lasted ten minutes folks. It was fun though.

Cassidy, Me, Joy, and Lingling
le group

Just get through finals and we are home free

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