super cute pic after my wisdoms came out 

OH HEY. Okay I haven't been the most consistent here on the blog but much too much has be going on and pleasing my thousands of readers just hasn't been on my top priority ( I'm so funnyyyyyyy). Life is sooo good! -I don't think I've ever been better! Things are happening, time is moving, progress is being made, all is well! 

T H I N G S  : 

NO. 1 
Perhaps the most daunting thing for me in preparing to serve a mission has been the medical stuff. I get so nervous when I'm around doctors I can't stop talking and I start cracking jokes with them like we've been pals since forevs- I mean they think I'm crazy but whatever you have to do right?  Like okay I haven't had a shot since I was in Kindergarden- I'm stinkin good at avoiding this jazz. Unfortunately it builds up when you don't get it done on date and I ended up having to get like a eight shots. Kids, just do it when your twelve. Oh and then there are these things called wisdom teeth. Ugh. Actually, I heard so many horror stories going into it that when I got it done it was no big deal at all. They said the operation was more difficult than expected but everything went fine, I just lay low for a few days and ate lots of pudding and ice cream. I healed quickly. I have been blessed with such good health and the courage to get through this whole process. The Lord answers our prayers, he cares about us down to the smallest worry we bring to him, loves us perfectly. " Be not afraid, only believe." 

I don't think I'll ever look at pudding the same... bleh.
NO. 2
Because I'll be serving out of the country, I've had heaps of travel work to do! From getting a certified birth certificate ( yessss I am super responsible and organized and lost mine thanks for asking!)  to getting my first passport ever- it's been an exciting process! I am now waiting for one more piece of certified identification and I'll be ready to mail off my business to SLC. Visa is in motion! It has never really mattered to me where I would serve but I am so excited to be with the people of Argentina. I fluctuate between the shock that I am going to live in Argentina for a year and a half, when I've never been out of the country in my life, and feeling like an Argentine already. Here I come!

 my first passport

NO. 3 
Lauren is doing Special Olympics this year and I get the opportunity to help her as she competes for the first time. Mostly I love it because it's my special alone time I get with Lauren. All of her practices are in PA so we have little drives from Sequim to jam out to our favorite songs and get in our sista-sista time. I love working with all the people there. After only like two practice all the athletes knew my name. They are always so excited to see me, they work so hard, cheer each other on, and are happy with their efforts. The volunteers likewise are positive, un-judging, rays of kindness.  I can't help but look forward to their practices every week and learn from them. After practice we always get congratulatory tots from Taco Time (Lauren's fave). We're going for the gold here ( cue "Going the Distance" by Cake) and aiming for State. 

NO. 4 
This past weekend, Miranda and I were reunited and we went on our annual Seattle excursion. I loved every minute of my time I got to spend with her (well except when she fell asleep during 'Whisper of the Heart' but whatever I forgive you for what you are ignorant of). After spending so much time with my crazy nerd brothers it was nice to have some lady time. Everything felt so fleeting though. Life is weird. Everything moves when it feels stagnant and all of a sudden your a million miles away when yesterday you were right there. Does that make sense? ( it's late and I'm rambling again) Anyways I love my cousin/ best friend and imma miss her (you better write me every week and wear our kate spade bangle like a wedding band and name like six of your children after me)!

 flowers for our mommas from Pike's always

I introduced another person to my pink cake but have yet to find someone to share that love with me

 we ate at our usual: pink door on the porch 

 these guys made getting on the ferry home a little easier

NO. 5 
In preparation for serving a mission, I have been working like no one's business. My stake president told me that if I earned the money and paid for my own mission that it would mean so much more. And I believe that. Working takes up a good majority of my time though, and prevents me from doing a lot I want to (going to institute regularly, going out with the missionaries, etc.). But it's been great in that every day I get to talk to people about the gospel. Our regulars (and we have quite a few) all know that I am going on a mission and are excited for me and routing for me. I get all kinds of questions and I think it's the best kind of practice. Some days it can be a little monotonous and hard to be focused and enthusiastic and just deal with people ( I'll admit I don't always have the best attitudes) but learning to endure when it gets like that and be the best I can be despite, I know Heavenly Father is working with me shaping me into a harder worker and a more dedicated individual. I am grateful for the challenge. Okay I'm making it sound bad... it's actually been so much fun! I love that I get to work with my family. My night crew is killer. I have so many stories about crazy people I am going to drop out of school and write a best-seller. I get hit on by adolescents way to much and might lead them on just for kicks. Everyone thinks I'm 15 so they're more understanding when I make mistakes or drop plates of food on them (it was one time okay).  Oh and not to mention I'm around my favorite food all the time. It's getting busier now that we are closer to summer and I am ready for this new season and the people it will bring! 
my out of control bun and Easter Clause-it was as weird as it looks

I promise I will update more so we never have to do this again. I am so happy though and have so much to say. xx

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