E V E R Y  year the school district pays for the special needs students to attend Corey's Day at the Farm. It's a day when special needs children in the area get to experience the life of a ropin' cowboy or girl. They get cool attire, can ride the horses as much as they like, pet real farm animals, and even go on a tractor ride or two. This year and the last I went as a volunteer with Lauren. Luckily it was all sunshine and we had a ball. 

Lauren absolutely loves the horses. The horses and lunch. Those are her favorite. The cowboy rodeo volunteers love Lauren because she's so excited to get on the horse every time and doesn't want to ever get off. "You have to get back in line to go again", they have to remind her. That and the whole time she yells "YEE-HAW" and waves her hat in the air. Sometimes they give into her and just let her go on the horse until it gets tired. There weren't as many people there this year so it happened more than usual. 

 It's more fun as she gets older to go to these things with her. She's becoming braver and more independent. This year she even wanted to go see the animals in the petting zoo- she didn't want to touch the piglets though but progress.

We were completely spent by the end of the day and Lauren was a crazy on the bus ride home (that was probably the worst part of it, we had to sit three to a seat, there was no air conditioning, and we got stuck on the bridge, but hey let's just stick to the positives). But our annual trip was a success and we both loved having a little sista sista/ girl's day time. 
Thanks sis! 

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