A S  I mentioned earlier, I have had the coolest opportunity to work with Lauren and the Clallam County Orcas as they prepared and went to their spring Special Olympic Games this year. Lauren is finally getting old enough to become part of this community and it's really exciting to encourage her and work with the special athletes and volunteers -and I couldn't think of a more positive way to spend my free time! This past Saturday was their first meet. It was a long day, as we had to drive all the way over to Mount Tahoma High School (which by the way has the most lovely facilities), it was bitterly cold and windy, and it was a whole lot of waiting. BUT it was soooo worth it to see the look on Lauren's face as she earned her medals. Lauren brought home one of each: a gold, sliver, and bronze. She competed in the Softball throw, 100m walk, and 50m dash. Lauren though, was not content with anything but first and when she finally did get the gold...oh man! Everybody knew it! Vance also came with me to the meet and in between helping our sister, we got to volunteer and help out with athletes  from other counties. It was sort of chaos and a lot of standing but it pushed us (or at least me I felt) into positions of leadership and guiding people to where they were meant to be- which was, I'll admit, a little out of my comfort zone (because really I'm so relaxed about everything that there's like not a commanding bone in my body). So I think I grew from the experience a little too- which is super! Our bishop and his wife are really involved with it as well (as Garrett is an athlete) so we got to spend time with some of our favorite people-always a plus. One of my favorite things to watch though was Lauren bonding with her coach. Lemme just say their track coach is beyond awesome- not only does he want the best out of his athletes but he respects the DEW and tried to convince Vance and I to sneak off and get him some from a connivence store (haha)! Anyway I had been trying to teach Lauren how important it was to listen to coach and focus on what he said and to respect him. It was neat to see that after she had done well in a race, the first person she wanted to tell was her coach. She'd run up and give him a big hug and say " I DID IT!" We were all so happy and proud! Can't wait for State in May!!

 Lauren celebrates her win only to realize she had only made it half way there...oops! We could have had it all dang it!

 Fastest power-walker around. 


That gold. 


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