T H I S  Easter actually wasn't anything spectacular. It was a normal, like Easters I remember growing up. And that made it perfect. We did all the normal stuff: wake up to find a basket with our name on it, get a stomach ache before breakfast from devouring candy, stress before church trying to make sure our outfits coordinated, rush to take a photo of the kids because we are running late, go to church, have a big dinner with Easter ham and all the fix ins', etc. Everything just meant a lot more this year (cheesy sentiment or not). I love my family. I love our traditions. I love that I have this time to be with them. I love that I can be with them forever. And most of all I love my Savior for making it all possible.

Oh hey- check out the new Beliefs tab at the top! Cha-yeah you're going to be hearing a lot from me about preparing for a mission and if you're wondering what exactly I'll be teaching or why I'm so happy or want to learn a little bit about what I stand for and know to be true CLICK it!
 Yeah my name is Taylor. And I'm a mormon.

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