T H I S was one of my favorite conference talks this year and I just thought I'd share: 

click here for the whole talk

A good friend of mine once taught me an invaluable lesson by her example: every night before she went to bed she would study one conference talk from the Ensign. I thought that was neat she studied modern revelation as diligently as she did the scriptures of old and I have been  impressed ever since to do the same.  I was so excited when the General Conference Ensign came out this year because I didn't feel like I listened to conference as I should have (watching it with your family is the best but also incredibly distracting) and I love having the words in front of me that I can read carefully and savor. I got to Elder Eyring's talk a few nights ago and everything just made so much sense all of a sudden to me (probably because also I'm studying around Alma 30 right now and it all sort of goes together but ya know...). There was a clarity there that I needed (but I guess that's the spirit).  I know that when we study the words of modern day prophets with sincerity and with the spirit we can find answers just like when we read the scriptures. I am so thankful for modern day revelation and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. God speaks to his children today. I know it's true. And oh man I can't wait to serve a mission! 61 dias!

Translation: "You hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine." 

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