I'm alive and doing so well!!!! Ugh I feel so blessed. I LOVE the CCM! This has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life but also one of the most rewarding! I feel so blessed to be serving our Heavenly Father and to be able to have this knowledge- what a blessing!!!
We are at the WEST CAMPUS MTC and we LOVE it!! Everyone speaks Spanish here so we are all really close and friendly to one another!!
My companion is Hna. Knapp she is from Oregon. She is incredible! She is a really hard worker, she loves to eat healthy and work out, she's really good at Spanish, a PD Bio major, her Dad is a Stake President and I could not be blessed with a better more spiritually intune companera! She is amazing and we get along great!
My district is made up of 8 elders y 4 hermanas. Our class has had some issues focusing ( a lot of these elders are fresh out of high school...weird) but it's been getting better. I'm so thankful to be with them, we are growing closer as a district and its so fun to learn the language together and to be with such entertaining people! I love our teachers at the MTC! Hna. Coleman is my favorite! We recently just learned an outline for preparing lessons and it has helped us so much! 
Our zone is all elders besides us 4 hermanas so we really have to represent. Hahah! It's good though, we have good Zone Leaders, which we are looking forward to working with and knowing better and as a Zone we try to do as much as we can together like eat lunch or play volleyball or participate in choir- it's great! 
We taught 5 lessons this week!!! WHAT?! In espanol!!! Oh man the first three lessons went okay with our "investigator" (really our teacher) Jorge but we felt something was missing. We figured out really quick it was the spirit that wasn't quite there nor the personal-ness that the lesson need for Jorge- it needed to be for him and it needed to be from God. So instead of planning out our whole lesson to the T the next time and making sure all our Spanish was perfect and so on we worked more on praying for Jorge for his needs, so that we could have the spirit. We worked harder on improving ourselves so that we could be worthy to have that spirit and that through us the Lord would be able to help and guide and bring Jorge unto Christ. The results were incredible. Our last two lessons indescribable. We gave life experiences and examples in spanish, we testified, we prayed, we shared, we learned, and we all felt the spirit and the love of God. After our last lesson with Jorge he pulled us aside as our teacher and told us we were doing it right. We all felt the spirit so strongly and even though it was so hard and scary it was by far one of the best expiriences I've ever had. Ugh the gospel is so true!!! The spirit is so important in knowing that- that is how god reaches and touches people and being prepared and worthy to have it is so important and incredible! I LOVE BEING HERE!!! I can't say it enough. 
To mark our week anniversary at the CCM Hna. Knapp and I were called as Sister Training Leaders for our Zone! Ahh that's crazy. We felt incredibly humbled, honored, blessed, and overwhelmed! But the Lord knows we can do it so we can! We only have two sisters now but in 2 weeks or so we'll have more coming in so we'll be here to help them! We go to Branch presidency meetings with the Zone leaders and interview the senior companion and Welcome all the new Hermanas y Elderes. We did that last night and it was fun! AH we love serving the Lord and being surrounded by all this goodness! 
I got your orange rolls and shared them with the district! Thank you!
I sent you all a letter hope you got it! 
Send me letters and packages...our district doesn't seem to get much of those and we only get to look at emails on P-day which is Thursday! But Dear Elder is cool! 
LOVE YOU and miss you so much!!!!
Yo se que este igelsa es verdedero. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi salvador y el Salvador del mundo. La expiacion es real y perfecto. El libro de mormon es el libro de dios y es el mejor manera para econtrar respuestas. Este trabajo es el trabajo de dios!! 
En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen! 
Can't wait to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Write me soon!
I couldn't be better!!
Hna. Willis

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