H O L A  FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness you are all the best! I am like infamous for my packages now hahaha! I love getting your Dear Elder letters they mean the world to me! If you want to send me printed pictures that would be great because then I'll have them for like ever. SADIE IS ADORABLE!!! My district thought it was hilarious that you bought a dog to replace me though....hahah! I'm so proud of your work on the kitty puzzle! Ugh I miss you all so much!!
This week has been fantastic! 
Thursday we had our first dia de p and that was the best! We went down to Brigham's Landing and went and ate at the little bakery and they had DIET DR. PEPPER. No big deal. The temple was closed because of Pioneer Day (literally the stupidest holiday in existence- no offence to the pioneers) but everything was closed and that was lame. We had class later that night and the 2 other Hermanas in our district were feeling particularly discouraged with spanish and walked out of class early. We invited them over later that night for some cookies and apple beer and we felt a lot closer to them and I think they felt a little better after just have some time to talk about things other than missionary work (which I guess we all need sometimes). Got all my laundry done, cleaned the apartment, wrote lots of letters, it was a great day.
Friday though was more difficult. I don't know if it was just because we were just coming off of p day or what but it was hard. We had class all day per usual but we didn't have any one to teach so we were just slammed with Spanish all the live long day. By the end of the day though Hna. Knapp and I were speaking some beautiful spanish and we felt very blessed. 
Saturday proved to be even more difficult. We got to teach Ally our new "investigator" and it went really beautifully. The spirit was so strong and we all felt the love of the Lord and the truthfulness of his gospel. That was the best part of the day. It went down hill from there. We had more classes that went okay but I just felt like I was at a standstill with my spanish. Prayed a lot that day. We also had to write talks for the next day on the book of mormon. How it goes at the CCM is when you have sacrament meeting with your zone, the branch president chooses two people at random to give a talk on the topic in spanish. So that was a little stressful for us. But we got through the day and ultimately felt closer to Heavenly Father because I had to rely on him so much. 
Sunday was great. Lots of blessings. I didn't have to speak! That was good. I would have been fine but the anticipation up to it is terrible. I lead the music and Hna. Knapp played the piano. We are the dynamic duo! Hahah! I love her! We had so many meetings though!!! A meeting with all the district leaders, Branch Presidency, and ZL's. A leadership meeting later. A new STL meeting later. The day seemed to never end but we loved it! Sunday is just a day to be spiritual fed! Always before RS we meet as sisters in the chapel and listen to music and the spoken word. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. Then for RS Sherri Dew came and spoke to us! It was amazing! It was all about the priesthood and the power and authority we have because of it! It was so enlightening and the spirit was so strong with her. I love SUNDAYS! Stephen B. Allen spoke at devo (he is like the head of the missionary department) it was amazing, he's super funny. We learned that some people at the MTC have read the scriptures like over 42 times... crazies.
Monday was really good as well! We taught our new investigator Alberto this day (he is one of my favorite teachers here at the CCM). It was one of the best lessons we ever had. We just had a really good conversation about the authority of God upon the earth, the apostasy and then we shared with him the message of the Restoration. We were working on memorizing the first vision this week and Hna. Knapp felt prompted to share it during our lesson and it was incredible! You could literally feel the spirit enter the room! It was amazing!! Our teacher took us aside after our lesson and just thanked us for our testimonies. He said he hadn't felt the spirit testify so strongly of that in a long time and just genuinely thanked us. We cried and went and thanked Heavenly Father. He has helped us so much. He answers our prayers. He teaches our lessons. He teaches us. We are just feeling so so so blessed! There is no greater feeling. Later that night we found out we had TRC - basically members that are spanish speakers come in and volunteer to talk with us for 20 minutes. We had this adorable couple, the Hinckley's (spelt like the prophet). Anywho it was the first time we had ever done it and we didn't know that were supposed to keep track of the time ourselves we thought they would come and get us but they never did so we ended up talking to them for like an hour! It was so great! They're the sweetest. They told us all about the many missions they went on and poor brother h couldn't remember things we told him and asked us the same questions over and over but could speak spanish like you couldn't believe. Awesome! It was just a great day! I got the goodies from you guys that day (nice touch with the argentina colored cookies- my district loved them and we had extras so we gave them to some hard working construction workers)! And then there was Papa Johns pizza for dinner! Good Day!
Tuesday we taught Ally again, this time about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost. It was awesome as usual! Then I got a package from Miranda! She sent me her instant camera!!!!!!! So if you want to send me instax mini 25 film that would be the greatest!!! This day I also had to demonstrate a teaching skill with my teacher in front of the class that was cool. My spanish is really coming a long! That night we went to Devotional! Those are my favorite! We sang in the choir "Hurrah for Israel!"- it was great! Then the Groberg's spoke! SO COOL! He wrote that book The Eye of the Storm or whatever about being the first missionary in Tonga- the book the other side of heaven is based off! He spoke about bearing testimony in everything we do! I love that! 
Wednesday was likewise good. We had class with Hna. Coleman in the morning (she is my other favorite teacher). Hna. Knapp and I went on a break and walked around and ran into Hely and Jose the couple that flaked on us last week! We were so excited! We talk to them and their friend for a good 30 minutes and we set up an appointment to meet with them tomorrow! Ugh I love them and can't wait! I think we are going to teach them about families! Also wednesday I got the best package from Ben and Laurie and the fam! They sent me all kinds of goodies (everyone wants me to be fat- you're efforts won't work though because we work out like crazy so try again!) and sweet little hand-written notes from the kids! Oh and dr. pepper. We had a good class that afternoon and then studied that night. Hna. Knapp practiced the piano and it was beautiful. 
This morning we got up and went running with the other Hermanas in our district at six. It was great!  
I love you all! Send my handwritten stuff too and pictures- i love that stuff! I LOVE PACKAGES and I have a reputation to keep up now hahahahahaha! Tell Vancer thanks for his dear elder letter it made me cry. I cry a lot but good crying! This is truly a hallowed place! Miracles happen! See Mormon 9-ugh love that! I'm almost done with el libro de mormon! I should finish it by tomorrow! Oh could you send me my pete's shirt and a diner shirt or my kitty shirt- I need work out shirts! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU AND WISH YOU COULD ALL EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING I AM WITH ME!!!! I love this. I love being a missionary. I love the Lord. There is so much more to tell you but I can't! UGhsalkdjflkjs! 
Hermana Willis

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