H e y  fam bam! How's everyone doing?!!! I can't say thank you enough for the package you sent it was BEYOND PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote a bunch of letters today so expect those soon! We really just haven't had anytime to write and the branch prez has really been cracking down on that so it is what it is. I spent like 3 hours today just writing letters...hahah it's the worst (but the best!). I miss you all so much! SO GOOD NEWS!!! WE GET OUR TRAVEL PLANS TOMORROW MORNING!!! ANDDDDD I GET TO CALL YOU IN BETWEEN FLIGHTS AT THE AIRPORT!!! So around the 25th keep the lines open for me hahah!
Things happenin' this week:
Last Thursday was good. I write down the general specifics of the days so I can remember what to tell you all and I wrote " it was a humbling day of much learning and the Lord laying out our weaknesses" but now I can't remember what happened so...just know I'm better from it! Hahah! Oh I do remember that night we went over to the new hermanas casa and brought them starbursts and checked on how they were doing after day one- it was a little rough for our foreign hermanas (particularly our dear aussie sister- the jet lagged nearly killed her and is continuing to mess her). We love having more sisters!!! The best parts in now we can play contact sports because we have enough sisters to play now! So we play soccer, basketball, etc! Guess what I'm actually not so awful at basketball and I think I'm getting better so...boys get ready for when I get back hahah
Last Friday we taught our teacher/investigator  "Ally" in the morning. Then we went to TRC and got to teach our favorite real investigator Hely. We taught about faith and repentance. Oh man I wish you could meet her she's just awesome! Anywho- she tells us she has something in her car for us and that she wants to give it to us when Jose gets done with his lesson. We're like what...okay. So then they give us these little boxes and tell us that we have done more for them than any other missionary has done before that they knew God sent us to be angels unto them and that they are sooo thankful for us. At that point we are like in tears and they're a mess and then we open the boxes and there are these BEAUTIFUL gold bangles. We felt so humbled. We love these people so much. They are like my second parents now. Every lesson we go over and they never want us to leave and we never want to leave and WE ARE CRUSHED WE HAVE TO LEAVE THEM AND THE CCM! We only have a week and a half left! WHAT IS THIS!%fklsdgfklw Anywho later that day we found a new "investigator" to teach around the CCM. He's totally a member but whatever we love teaching people, getting to know them, and teaching to their needs- es el mejor. I wrote down I didn't get any mail that day with a sad face so....that's sad. Hahah! Oh and then we started our 3 hour English fast. We aren't allowed to speak a word of English it's hard but it's been super beneficial! 
Saturday....I don't remember what happened but I'm sure it was awesome! Oh yeah I wrote a talk on faith en espanol so I'll send that your way maybe!
Sunday! I LOVE SUNDAYS! Best day of the week BY FAR! It was a little sad because we said good-bye to the district our zone leaders were in but that means we're the oldest now!!! WEIRD! We feel old. We decided the longer we're here the weirder we get. IT'S SO TRUE! The new people come in and are cute and normal and we've just lost it. But whatev it is what it is! Hahah! Anywho as usual on Sunday we got music and the spoken word which is MY FAVE! Music in general- much more appreciation. I love MOTAB-sometimes when we're studying Knapp and I put head phones on and listen to the motab live stream and I just BLAST me some MOTAB. BEST! Oh and then later we got to watch a movie as we do every sunday- this week was testaments. Hahah watching movies as a missionary is the weirdest.
Monday we had our first skype TRC. It was awful. We were in a room with other elders that were also skyping and we couldn't hear anything and it was just a mess. But whatever we still got our messsage across and I think we're all better off because of it. 
Tuesday is Devo day! We sang in the choir. OH and then you know the main guy in the mormon message on bullying? Yeah? He's at the MTC right now...weird! Hahah! 
Wednesday we had the greatest lesson ever with Hely and Jose but I wrote Vancer about it so just have him read it to you!!!!! 
I don't have much time and I feel like this email is super incomplete but whatever! 
Just know I love you all and miss you so much and that I'm doing sooooooo well! I love the MTC! I love serving a mission! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! This is the best! 
Hna. Willis

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