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HOLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Week three! How is this even real!!! I LEAVE THE CCM IN 19 DAYYYYYYYYYSSSSS. WHAT?! 
So I don't have much time to email and I can't remember half of what even happened this week so I'll just share some cool jazz that stuck out to me! This week was very literally a week of miracles. We teach our teachers that pretend they are investigators every day but we also started with our progressive investigator this week. Do you remember Jose and Hely? The ones that flaked and then we found them and taught them a little a set up another appointment? OKAY. GET READY FOR A COOL STORY. 
So we had the appointment set up for that next day I believe. We were a little nervous but super excited to teach them and just hoping they would show up. So it was about two hours before our intended meeting time when we felt like we should walk over to the chapel and practice hymns (because hna. knapp plays in sacrament meeting and i lead the music) so we are walking over there when we see Hely walking around by herself. We run over to her, give her a big hug and just start talking to her and then I feel like we should invite her for some reason to come to our practice. She gets really excited about that after I brag for five minutes about Knapp's skills and decides to come with us. We get to the chapel and Wyveiw and get a room and decide that maybe we should start with a prayer. We did. And then Hermana started playing. It was beautiful. And I was like I should sing something for her (and you know how I hate singing and feel like I'm terrible at it) yeah well I get up and sing I believe in christ and then we sang familias puenden ser eternas as a companionship for her. After she just starts crying and crying. She then proceeds to tell us that she was soo thankful for us. Apparently the elders that were supposed to teach her that morning bailed on her and her husband wasn't there and no one would talk to her and she was about to go home before we showed up because she was feeling very alone. And I guess that morning there family was fighting because one of their daughters (one has cerebral palsy and the other has behavioral problems)  wouldn't come out of their room and it was just a big mess. She told us that one of her daughters had told her that she hated Jose and everything was just a fiasco. She said prayed that someone would come and help her and the next minute we were there talking to her. We all just broke down at that point. The spirit was so strong and we testified to her that she has a loving heavenly father that knows her needs, loves her, and wants her to be happy. She told us that she had to go get Jose and that we had to share this message with him. So a half an hour later we did. Hna. Knapp played, I sang, and we testified of the importance of families and that Heavenly Father loves them and is there for them. It was the most beautiful lesson. Jose broke down crying at one point and said he really needed to hear this. It's so incredible to me to see a father and grown man break down like that and feel the spirit. We promised we'd pray for them and invited them to start having family prayer, scripture study, and FHE (okay it was a lot of things but it felt like they needed that). Anywho coolest lesson ever. We set up another appointment but then found out that night that our progressive investigator was going to be HELY!! What are the odds!!! So far we've had three lessons with Hely and they've all equally been amazing!!! We felt prompted one day to share with her that we fasted for her and her family and that we prayed for them daily. She was amazed because things at home were getting better ever since then. The next visit right after we prayed she couldn't stop telling us how grateful she was for us. She broke down in tears and told us that for years their credit has been really messed up for some reason and they haven't been able to get it fixed and it's caused them a lot of financial grief. She said that this same week they found out that they didn't know how but someone had fixed it miraculously! She said that this morning Jose got up and they were making breakfast and Jose said he wasn't going to eat that day because we didn't eat for them- she said this amazed her because Jose has never really been into our church and going with Hely to the CCM until now and now he was fasting!! She said that she was fasting too like Jose! What faith! They didn't even know what fasting was and yet they knew that if they did it got would bless them! We were astonished and humbled and quickly explained what fasting was and invited them to start with a prayer and have a purpose when they fast. They are incredible. Hely gets so excited when we teach her she says tell me more tell me more! Teach me! I love her willingness and faith. It's crazy because our fast was real. Our prayers had been that according to their faith they would be blessed and we asked for miracles and they came. There is a very real power in being endowed and an authority in being servant of the lord. There are spiritual gifts that come with it and it is in the very sense of the word awesome. Hely said that she would prepare to be baptized that lessons and wants us to continue teaching her. She wants to bring her daughters to our next lesson to teach them too. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Acting on faith in Christ is the key. All is possible through him. I can't believe I am so fortunate to get to witness his work and feel the love he has for his children. 
It POURED rain this week so that was fun. 
I bore my testimony in fast and testimony meeting that was exciting and scary haha.
Thank you for all the dear elder letters they make my world. Literally getting mail is like the most exciting thing ever and I love hearing all the stories from home. Matt you win best letter. Hahah! Packages are the best...Cassidy sent me one and it was killer. Hahah I love that girl. 
I'm glad you are staying busy and running and relaxing and enjoying life! I heard music on the bus ride to the temple today and about died so that basically sums up my existence right now. Hahah! The temple is my favorite.  
I'll try to write you today some actually substantial stuff, my brain is fried now and I think I went over on my email time...
I love you and miss you and I'm so thankful to have such an amazing and supporting family! 
OH almost forgot! We got a new district this week and have 4 new sisters!!!! YESSSSSSSSSssssss one is from Australia and one is from Belgium! Whaaa?! 
Hna. Willis  

Sorry promise I'll write you letters with more in them....
love your pictures you send!!! Keep the dear elders coming!!!

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