OH man! What a full week! Thank you all for emailing and sorry I haven´t been very good at answering all your questions! Writing this email is one of the hardest parts of my week haha! You all sound like you are doing so well!!!! I´m jealous that I can´t be with you... I miss you all a ton!! You´re emails mean the world! If you have a minute you should try to send me a real letter! I am going to try to send letters for birthdays but sorry if they are late...hahah! WOW MOM! Great job on family history!!!!! That´s amazing! I´m so jealous that you get to work on it so much and take those names.... AWESOME! And Noel´s wedding is coming up and so much is happening there!!!!!! Wow! 
This week was full of high high and a few hard things. Mostly it was hard because it rained like all week. And when it rains hahah it pours!! But that´s okay because it makes it an adventure! Anywho the Lord was trying to teach us many things this week, mainly that it is not until after the trial of our faith that great things would come to pass! One time presidente zanni told a story to the missionaries that sometimes you sit down in front of a stake and the lord commands you to eat the stake and you try to but then he takes the fork and then the knife and then maybe the plate and the chair and the table but you still have to eat the steak and he is waiting to see what you will do. So one day this week it rained all day and we had no sucess at all it seemed. But we kept up good attitudes and we knew that the lord was on our side and that if we kept going something was going to happen...and it did!!! We found this less active member (temple endowded, used to be a member of the bishopric, everything)  who recently moved into the ward with his girlfriend and were able to get him to church this sunday and now his jehovah´s witness girlfriend is one of our investagators ( I am making them sound like they are young people but they are old) so that´s crazy exciting! And then also our other investigators came to church this week and he read the part of the Book of Mormon we gave him and he is super excited to get baptized on the 27!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! He is my favorite eleven year old in the world! His fam went through some rough stuff this week though...they got robbed- which is pretty common place but sad none the less. They are living on potatos for the rest of the month... It´s crazy how different things are here. The living standards, how people clean, how cautious everyone is and suspious, there are bars on all the windows and doors. Everyone thinks we are crazy because we walk the streets all the time and they always tell us ´ojos´ which basically means watch yourselves. Rosario is a little peligroso to say the least haha... but we haven´t been robbed yet! God watches over us. No other explanation! hahah! Then later in the week we had another rough day. We didn´t teach one person. Not one. We tried to stay positive but it was hard. Our goal for the week was to find a family. We prayed the next morning that we would find them that day. We had chosen a street in our planning to contact on and for one hour we contacted. half an hour in we found our family. A evangelica woman with three little children. She invited us in and we taught her the restoration, gave her a book of mormon and set a date for her babtism and another appointment with her. She said she would read and pray and was serious. She said if God tells her it is true she would do it.  She said she cannot disobey God or deny his truth. WHAT! She is golden!! Her husband is a leader in the Evangelical church so we are excited to meet and teach him, the stake president is going to come with us because he used to be of that faith and we are super excited! Speaking of the stake president hahah they have an awesome family! That elder that served in Mesa is the boyfriend of their oldest daughter we went to their house yesturday night because it was pouring and pouring and my comp twisted her ankle and broke her umbrella and we had like a half an hour left and everything fell through so we went to them and got a few references which is exciting! Also we might dance in a program with the young women because there aren´t very many of them and it´s this huge stake thing and anyways the stake president´s daughter is friends with our mission president´s daughter so she is going to ask her to ask her dad if we can do it! Haahhaha!OH last cool story! So we were going to go with an Hermano in our ward to visit with someone and it fell through so he was like oh there´s this other family that should have the gospel and we went and visited them and ended up teaching the father and son the first two lessons (almost the first three...)! We were there for like almost two hours and they´re just sitting there soaking it all up!!!! At the end the dad (who Hermano Garcias didn´t think would even be interested) was like when are you coming back so you can teach the rest of my family??? We were so excited and Hermano Garcias was so excited it was great!! They are a great family- they have a peruvian resturant by the terminal and all their kids are older and are really accomplished in their studies and are working on master decrees and so on! Great family! 
Anyways everything is great here!!!! I love this area-it´s the best- I love my mission- it´s the best! I love Argentina and the people I get to serve and love and know! It´s hard work to be sure, I have to give every ounce of who I am and all my focus and it´s hard, but it is the best! And I´ve never found more joy in anything. I know this church is true. I know that living the way God want us to is how we can live the fullest and best life here and in the one to come. I love his children and I want everyone to have this knowldge and know that there is more than this world. Be missionaries- I love that quote that talks about when necissary use words. Your actions show more than anything, your attitude, your willingness to serve and love no matter the circumstance. I can´t use many words (hahah) so it´s been interesting for me to find other ways to show people who I am and that I care for them. I think also if you can do anything to help the missionaries do it! Be the house they can go to when they are having a bad day or the family they can always count on to be there to go to a lesson or have an fhe with a nonmember or give less active members rides to church! I love you so much family!!!! Thank you for all the love, for being dedicated servants of the Lord, and being incredible examples to me! I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Hermana Willis

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