¡ H O L A !  So I survived week one in Argentina! 
So let me get you up to speed on life.
Traveling was like the worst. Hahah. We left at 6am from Provo on Monday morning and got to the mission home at like 8 pm on Tuesday. I slept for like 4 hours in a span of 48 hours. Best part was getting to talk to you all on the phone and getting to hang out with my hermanas for days. Since we couldn´t listen to music or watch anything we mostly slept. There was this one point on the flight to Argentina when I swear everyone was sleeping but I couldn´t sleep so I was studying and I look over and this elder is sleeping with a pillow leaning on the seat in front of him. Well the pillow slips and falls on the ground and he like wacks his head on the little tv on the seat and wakes up and just looks really sad and confused and is drolling all over. So as I am like dying laughing, I pick up up his pillow and hand it back to him... it was a rough couple of days for us all. Haha! Oh and also on our plan was like this six year old piano prodgy that sat by us that had been like on Ellen and plays in New York and jazz. That was cool. He was crazy but they loved the missionaries and they got them a Book of Mormon. Cool stuff. 
So then the crazy starts. We get off the plane go through customs and finally get to these people that lead everyone that is headed to Rosario to this two story bus which I later find is called a collectivo and everyone takes it to travel here. Oh and p.s. it´s winter here. Hahah! So we´re all rumaging through our things trying to find something warm. We get on the bus and we manage to find out that we are going to the temple for some reason. (everything was in spanish and we were all super confused) So we drive to the temple and they tell us we aren´t actaully going into the temple but we are going to the little hostile by the ccm. So we eat there and it´s like the weirdest expirence... they give us like a sandwhich without crust and a little empanada and some juice on paper towels and no one is speaking english and we don´t know if we are staying there or how far away the mission home is and we are dying of exhaustion!! And then Hna. Egbert spills her little cup of apple juice all over the place and we are both so tired we just lose it and laugh for like ten minutes and everyone looks at us like we´ve finally lost it. Which we had. Anywho we end up waiting there for like an hour or two more and get to take photos at the temple and then we get in a bus and take off. We thought we were going to the airport again but we just kept driving... so I finally got to sleep and four hours later we are at the mission home!!! At the mission home we got to meet Presidente Zanni and his family. They are my favorite. Their kids are the BEST. And they are so loving and kind and oh man the best. The hermanas had interviews that night (there are 30 nuevos in all) and dinner and just hung out. The next day we got up had breakfast and then went to the capilla (church) and had a little ceremony of meeting our new comps! My compañera is Hna. Hickman! She is from Everett (as you already may know...creepers). She has been out for eleven months and is like the perfect trainer. She works hard, loves the work, is goal oriented,obedient,patient, and optomistic! (and she speaks english!!!!!!!!) We then had pizza (very argentine pizza) and then went back to the mission home and had a little devo with the president. I love Presidente Zanni and his wife. Everytime he speaks I feel the spirit so strongly and just like yeah I´m meant to be here- so many times in that first day I recieved very strong confirmation of that. After a hard goodbye with my hermanas and with the Zanni family we were dropped off at our apartment because we are only like 15 minutues away by car from the mission home (although it is not in our area). Our area is called Echesortu. It is in downtown Rosario. I love it!! We have one of the biggest wards in the mission and one of the biggest areas. The other day we were walking around visiting with people and we found we had walked over 100 blocks! It is always busy and things are always happening and I´m always almost getting hit by cars and we can´t speak english very loud here or carry bags because we´ll get robbed! Life is an adventure!! I´m like in perputual culture shock. Hahah! I don´t have time to tell you about everything but I do have a couple of stories. But first it´s funny because Hna. Hickman was like all the new people are hungry all the time and tired all the time- it´s so true! I though I was going to starve the first couple of days but it´s getting better. They eat a lot of pasta here and dulce de leche. I´m tired because I´m not used to the schedule. We do not waste any time. It´s awesome! But also difficult not having any breaks like we did at the CCM. Also I only understand 10% of what everyone says...but I heard it gets better over time. I smile a lot. Hahah! Okay so first funny story- we go to a menos activos (less active) members house to say hi and get to know her and share something with her- and first thing she does is lead us into this room with these two old ladies and a blasting tv and then leaves us there for like half an hour and doesn´t come back. We talk with them for a little bit but they are both nearly 90 and a little senile. Finally we run out of convo topics and they start buttering the bread in front of them and eating and we just sit there for twenty minutes- it was the weirdest situation I´ve ever been in, in my whole life. I started laughing and my comp is trying to keep it together and finally she comes in and gets us and we have like the weirdest lesson ever (she´s a little lost and has weird dreams). It was soooo funny. Next story. So we go to the capilla on Sunday and we have Relief Society first and then Gospel Principles and then Reuion Sacramental. So we got up and introduced ourselves to everyone and bore testimony and then the opisbo and his counselors spoke. So much has happened! And I just don´t have time to even tell you half of it!!!!!! We are working so hard and working with the ward and visiting so many menos activos and investigators and just trying to get all this work we have to do under control!! We are excited because there is much to be done here! Oh let me explain the title of my email super fast. So they call americans here yanquis. But because the y sound here is pronounced sh it´s shanqui. That´s the other thing... Castellano is completely different from spanish! It´s a mix between spanish and italian so mom get ready to speak to my fluently when we skype at christmas! What else.... our pench (apartment) is crazy gross because the sisters didn´t have time to clean it before their transfer so that got left to us...fun. We have to wash all our ropa by hand but we found somewhere to do it for cheap so we just have to wash our g´s. 
My favorite scriptures this week-
2Nefi 3:21- the weakness of their words will I make strong in their faith (very applicable to my life right now...)
2 Nefi 33 and D&C 6- my two favorite chapters in el libro de mormon right now
Oh today was p day and we went to MACDONALDS!!! Here MacDonalds is expenisive and considered a nice resturant and people have fancy business meetings there.
Oh and all soda and juice is better here. 
If you find dulce de leche in a store near you by it and eat it with french bread or on fresh tortillas or with bananas o algo.
I love you all! I miss you but I´m too busy to even think about it most of the time! I love this city, I love these people, and I LOVE my Savior and this his work! We are working hard and it´s hard but it´s good! 
Write me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send photos! Thanks for giving me the mish blog-I LOVE IT haha and yeah I look completely exhausted for good reason!!!  Hahaha! 
Love your yanqui-
Hna. Willis

Sorry if I spelt everything wrong or didn´t use proper puncuation. Weird Argentine keyboards.

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