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Every week I get so excited to write you and tell you all these stories and then we sit down at the computers at everything is gone. Hahah. Oh man.
This week was kind of crazy. Lots of good and some not so good.
We had our first district meeting this week and we got to meet everyone in our district so that was cool and it turned out to be a joint district meeting so we meet the zone leaders and the sister training leaders for the south half of the mission are in our zone so we got to meet them as well. We practiced contacting and that was a little rough for me (castallano in general is a little rough for me hahah) but we worked through it and I feel a little more confedient in contacting now. After we went on divisiones (splits) with the sister training leaders. I was with Hermana Perez, she is from Espana and doesnt speak a lick of English and sounds like Aunt Kelly when she talks. She was super nice and she was really good at contacting and just talking to people so it was fun to watch and learn from her. I am thankful I have the comp I have and was excited to reunite with her after hahah.
This week we had a mission conferencia where Elder Zaballos of the 70 and his wife came and spoke as well as Presidente y Hermana Zanni. It was an amazing conferencia. Because our capilla (chapel) is the capilla they use for big gatherings with the missionaries we got to play host a little bit and we housed like four other hermanas for the conferencia and then we had to go early and open the capilla and todo. The conference here was with all the missionaries in the southern half of the mish so I got to meet all of Hna. Hickman´s mission friends from her last area and see my fellow nuevos fresh off their first week. It was so fun to see familiar faces (although sadly Hermana Knapp and Egbert are in the Northern half so I didn´t get to see them) and talk and compare stories of our first week! Hey are we related to a President Willis? Elder Zaballos asked me that when I met him and I didn´t know. Conference was awesome! It was all in spanish which was difficult at times but the spirit is stronger than the language barrier and alot of what I learned didn´t come through words at all. It was comforting and invigorating. One of the most interesting things I thought was that Elder Zaballos challenged the Latinos to learn english. He said that English is the language of the Restoration, the Book of Mormon in it´s most true and perfect form is in English, and our prophet speaks in English and that we should be able to hear and understand his words in English. Huh. That was cool. But did you know that with Spanish and English you can speak to over 80 percent of the church? Cool stuff. After most of the missionaries went to this huge buffet place. It wasn´t my fave- it was like a weird mix between Asian and Argentine food. I had dulce de leche ice cream and it´s my favorite. Do everything in your power to find and buy dulce de leche. It is my favorite!!! I eat it by the spoonful! Anywho so story- I ask my comp if it´s okay if I go to the buffet with out her and she´s like yeah we´re close it´s fine. So like a good little nuevo I listen to my trainer and go to get more food. So I´m at this dessert counter when these two chicos in line start talking to me. I´m like only half getting the convo but whatever. And then the two guys working the counter start in on the convo and then other workers come over and I´m just waiting for my dessert to be made while they are all asking me questions and half of it I´m not getting. So at one point I tell them I´m new to the area and I thought one of them said something about the area being beautiful and I´m like si si and then they start laughing at me like woooow. And that´s when I figure out they were saying I was beautiful not the area and that´s about the time the zone leaders came and saved me and told me that next time  I should probably stick with my comp no matter what. Hahaha. Oh man. 
After that we said bye to everyone, went home and studied and then went to work. We contacted for about two hours and found two pretty solid individuals which is exciting. And mom you are right it is easier to contact in Castallano rather than English for some reason. Then we passed by an inactive member´s residence to see what was up there. She had gone to church for the first time in the two years since she was baptised because her 14yr old daughter is pregant. So we thought we´d go meet them. They live in a little garage behind a fruit stand. She only has one eye. Her relationship with her husband in rocky to say the least and he is drunk alot. So as we are assessing the situation we meet one of her son´s. He is like the little golden nugget in the family. He is 11 years old and love to play futbol (then again what niño in argentina doesn´t). We started teaching him with his mom. We taught the plan of salvation and he was very attenative and had lots of good questions- you could tell he was getting it. Anywho the mom was really excited for him and he agreed to be baptised on the 27 of this month!! AHHH!! We helped him pick out some clothes for church and he and his mom said they would go. The daughter was a little shy around us but gave us a cool headband she made ( I got NOB colors!! YES! They are my team p.s. look them up!) and the dad though he didn´t act interested listened the whole time. My spanish was super the entire lesson and I just remember walking home that night feeling on top of the world. ( Later in the week we taught them again, saturday night i think, this time about the Restoration and the lesson went and was recieved wonderfully! But the dad was drunk and the whole place smelt like booze. Anywho I am in the middle of bearing my testimony on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and the spirit is really strong when the dad yells out ¨do you have a boyfriend??¨ and I´m like no. And then he asks my comp and she´s like yeah but he´s on a mission too. And then the moment was gone and that was sad. I hate alcohol. He tried to shake our hands as we left and he was so drunk he couldn´t find our hands to shake them... sad stuff)
Then the morning came. 
I woke up and my throat was sore and swollen but I just thought it was nada and we did our studies and went to work. Later that day we went to lunch at the ward mission leader´s house and you´ll never guess what I ate... TONGUE!!!!! There was this little bowl with meat in it and I couldn´t understand what he said it was. So I took a couple big spoon fulls and there was dark meat and light meat and I just remember thinking it was weird because it was cold and it tasted a little different but I though it was chicken. After my comp was like you do know what was in that little bowl right? And I was like chicken? And she told me it was lengua or the tongue of some kind of animal. I about died and thanked her for not telling me during the meal. Hahahaha!
So after this we go back to the pench to do more studies and I just feel sick. My comp feels my head and she thinks I have a fever so she tells me to go lay down. Well it just got worse from there and I was out for 3 days WAHHHHHHHH!!!! Being sick on the mish is THE WORST!!! I had three days of no work and I felt just guilty and sick to my stomach about it the entire time. Everytime someone gets sick you have to call Hermana Zanni and let her know. Oh my goodness that woman. She´d call my comp every night to check on how I was doing and make sure my comp was doing everything to take care of me. She made sure I got to the doctor and had everything I needed and wow. Mom do not worry I have many people here who love and care for me and you don´t ever have to worry about that! I love the Zannis! I´m pretty sure we have the best mission family in the world. Going to the doctor was interesting. You have to go to a hospital to see a doctor and that was weird haha. They didn´t even ask for insurance and we didn´t have to pay for anything so that was weird too. Standards are different here to be sure haha! But I didn´t have any bacteria so they let me go. Mostly I was just fighting a fever and a gnarly cold. But now I feel better and just have a little cold which is doable.
Sunday I was finally cleared to leave the pench!!! It was like being released from the tomb on the third day!! It had been storming all week but Sunday the sun was shining and I literally felt like I came back from the dead. SUNDAY WAS GREAT! It was fast and testimony meeting. The schedule is backwards here so we went to relief society and then we were invited to go into mujeres jovenes (young womens) and bear our testimonies and meet las chicas. That was awesome. After we had gospel principles and we met a super sweet meno activo who loves the missionaries and is going to get reactivated and also one of our menos activos we have been trying to work with came to churchhhhhhhhhhhhhh so that was the best! We had over 80 people in our ward that Sunday which is the most that has ever attended church in the history of that ward !!!!!! So that was exciting. Then was testimony meeting and I had to chance to bear my testimonio which was great. And then at the beginning of the meeting one of the recent converts walks in the door, we have been working with her she is struggling with the word of wisdom...stupid coffe... anyways she walks in and everyone gives her a high five (the ward loves her and we were all just so happy she came!!) and then she gets up and bears her testimony and it was just beautiful. Great meeting! After we go to have lunch (we do lunches here because dinners are like snacks here and usually really late at night) with one of the counselors in the bishopric and his wife who teaches gospel principles. They invited the girl ( the one who came to church and bore her testimony) and the YW president (who is single) and her daughter. OH man it was so much fun!! The Brother is an AMAZING cook and made spegetti and these incredible meatballs and then he loves to bake and made this lemon pie and these little cake things and ughhhhh. We were in heaven- I will go eat at their house any day. Anyways she brought up that she was still struggling with the word of wisdom and coffe. We all had a long talk and basically she is amazing, she just lacks faith in herself. We explanined that temptations are a part of life and that Christ helps us overcome them and addictions and the blessings that come because of our obedience and faith. She loves english so I wrote her a little reminder note that says I WILL NOT DRINK COFFEE and then i drew a little coffee cup with an X over it. She loved it -even though she wanted to take the cup out of the picture and drink it...hahah... 
Well it´s been a crazy week. I´m excited to get back to work. President sent this out to all the missionaries this week-it´s amazing and you should watch it if you haven´t already-
Kay. Well, I still haven´t figured out pictures so we need to figure out a drop box or something. Ugh I never have enough time!!!! Thank you for all your emails! I love them! They are rejuvenating!! I look forward to them everyweek sorry I can´t respond I´m trying to get faster at this! I´m doing great! I love this!

Hna. Willis

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