H e l l o  family!!
This has been kind of a weird week for me.
First of all though before I get into that- HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANCER AND
HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM!! It was so exciting because remember those
letters you sent me at the MTC that I never got before I left, well I got
them this week! It was perfect. Do something fun for me and then tell me
all about it! Vancers!! How does it feel to be 18??? Time to get started on
your papers!!! Have such a good birthdays, I love you both so much!
Monday was one of the best p day´s ever! We explored our area a little bit
and found the most lovely park...it´s like the Central Park of Rosario.
Then we went to Newell´s Stadium (my team because they are in my area and
they´re just my team) and tried to see if they would let us tour the 
stadium by chance. They did. And it was awesome. Then we found the coolest
cemetary ever! It was huge!!! It was like a city of dead people with
mosulems and everything! It sounds weird and it kind of was but I´ve never
seen anything like it (don´t worry I´ll send photos).
Wednesday I had tramites for the first time (for visas). I had to go to the
mission home and then go with a group of the nuevos to Rosario for
fingerprints and stuff. So I left my comp at the mission home and guess who
got to be my companion for the next couple of hours...Hermana Knapp!!! It
was so good to see her again (I hadn´t seen her since the first day we got
to Rosario), we got to catch up and hear about her area and it was fun.
Thursday is when it got rough. I woke up with a fever Thursday morning and
we managed to teach two lessons that day and get a new investigator (
another member of that cool Peruvian family with the resturant). After that
though I was spent. I was out for the next couple of days with my
temperature not dipping below 100 degrees.The bishop came over and gave me
a blessing. Hna. Zanni got me on some antibiotics and later I went to the
hospital to get an xray of my lungs. My comp was talking to the doctor and
she´s like " we were just worried she would get brocitus or something" and
the doctor was like " oh she´s way past brocitus, she nearly has pnomonia"
(or however you spell that...there´s no spell check on here). Apparently
there´s just a lot of junk in my lungs but nothing has solidified yet so
I´m realitively in the clear. So they put me on some stronger antibiotics
and said I had to stay in for the rest of the week. Lame. But after my
fever finally went away, I´m supposed to be coughing up the crap that is in
my lungs but so far that hasn´t been going so well. I have to use a
nubulizer and everytime I do I think of Ryan and his magic smoke (ask ben
and laurie about it hahah). I´m so done with being sick. I´m just really
weak right now... we got to sacrament meeting though yesterday and we had
two investigators there so that was exciting! The ward has been taking
really good care of us and president gave us special permission to watch
disney movies so we watched frozen, how to train your dragon, and ice age.
As long as I keep improving I will be able to go to work soon. They can´t
really tell until after 7 days on antibiotics so after that I will get
another xray. But I´m hoping by tuesday or wednesday...I can´t take doing
nothing for much longer... My comp is a trooper! She´s dying from being
inside but she has a good attitude and has been taking good care of me! I
don´t know what I´d do with out her!
I love you all! Have a good week!!! Stay healthy!

Hna. Willis

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