H E Y !!!
I am officially alive and well again! After 9 loonnnggg days in the pench being sick and am back to work! Did you get the photo from Hna. Zanni? Hahah! Besides being sick and recovering it was a good week! Hna. Hickman´s "hija" the last missionary she trained, got to come to our area and work with her for a day so that she could get out of the pench and not go crazy. Meanwhile I had babysitters! It was fun! like 6 different members came and hung out with me. The ward takes really good care of us here. 
CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so jealous you guys got to go to conference- especially the Saturday sessions! But watching conference as a missionary is the BEST. This conference in general was just amazing. And I got to watch it in ENGLISH! So on Saturday we went to the capilla and there was a special room set up for us to watch it in English. And other missionaries in our zone came and we all brought food and it was awesome. Not too many people came to the church on Saturday to watch it but it was storming (and argentines don´t normally go out in the rain). After we had a lesson with a menos activo. It was funny because we were both starving for some reason and we passed McDonalds and were like "I wish!" and then we got to her house and she decides to make us burgers!! What! The tender mercies of the Lord. By the way I don´t think I can eat a burger now without a fried egg on it...is that weird? Anyways she watched conference that day and really enjoyed it so that was exciting. We left our bags and stuff at the church and so we went to get them and go home after and priesthood sesh is about to start. We walk in and the elders are like singing and having this little party before the session and it was hilarious because we caught them. Hahah On Sunday we got up, did studies y todo, and then went to the capilla for the next sessions. This time everyone was there, most of the stake, and it was really fun! We made banana bread for the missionaries and we all shared food and it was great. How cool was it that different languages were spoken for the first time in conference!! When Elder spoke in spanish we all ran into the other room so we could listen to it in Spanish- it was the best! I loved President Monson´s talk about the savior. I loved Elder Holland´s talk and I about died when he said "bien hecho"!! Elder Wong, Uchtdorf, Oaks, Klebinat talks ugh! I loved it all! Especially what was said about the prophets and personal revelation. Perfect! And Elder Bednar´s talk for nonmembers! We had an investigator who was watching conference at home and it was perfect for him- he loved his talk! My comp and I can´t stop talking about it- it´s just so refreshing and exciting to hear the words of the Lord from his prophets. p.s. have you all started reading scriptures together again???? 
Yesturday was great! It´s transfers this week so we have pday on Tuesday not Monday. We worked a full day Monday and it was beautiful!!!! We recieved a message from one of our investigators M telling us he had something important to tell us. We were super excited! At our lesson he told us he recieved an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That he prayed and asked God and that he knew it was true and that he felt the spirit in a way that was indescribable. YES!!!!!!!!!! He has his baptisimal interview this Sunday and the next Sunday he is going to be babtized! He is so excited! Our lesson yesterday was about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Castidad and he was just like "yeah it makes sense". He used to smoke but stopped a couple years ago for his girlfriend. The Lord has been preparing him and he is awesome!! 
Good news! I´m not being transfered! There are a bunch of changes happening in the mish so we were worried about it but no! I´m here to stay and with my comp!!! YES!
I´m so glad you had good birthdays and a good conference weekend! Utah looks beautiful and I´m glad you all had fun on your trip!! I can´t believe you went to Alex´s mom´s resturant hahaha! Everyone looks so good in the photos!!! I am so happy you are all happy and doing so well! I pray for you all, all the time!!! How is church and the ward? How are the missionaries in our ward? I am so happy the diner is doing well! How is school going?? Vance are you dying in Rychner´s?? Matt how is highschool?? Mom, what did you do watch conference by yourself?? Hope you´re feeling better Dad!!! Take a break every once in awhile okay :) I am so excited to see photos from your Hawaii trip and super jealous! I am getting tan too but the tan lines are TERRIBLE!!! We are in Spring now but it´s warming up fast! I heard summer´s here are unbareable! So when you talk to me in December I´m going to be dying! Hahah! Oh are you all going to go see the meet the mormons movie?? What´s going on in the states?? Hahah! Keep me updated!! 
Today we are going to go to the Peruvian resturant of our investigators!! We are so excited!! They´re an awesome family! Apparently they eat a lot of chinese food in peru. So I´m going to get some orange chicken! YES! Also today I am buying my first futbol jersey de Newell´s! YEAH!
We had a lesson with an investigator yesterday that got me thinking a lot about the atonement ( oh man do I love the atonement). Anyways I am in Mosiah right now and probably one of my favorite chapters ever, I was studying it today, and wow! Mosiah 15. Also Alma 5:7-12. I love my savior Jesus Christ. I love his teachings. I love my Heavenly Father and the perfect plan he has for us. I love the scriptures and the prophets. I love Joseph Smith. I love our prophet Thomas S. Monson. There is a way to have peace and joy in this life and in the life to come.  There is absolute truth.
I love you my beautiful family!! Keep working hard, doing what your doing, and being awesome! Love eachother! I miss you!!!

Hermana Willis

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