H e y ! ! 
This week was one of the best yet on my mission! I don´t know why...it was just great! My comp and I are just so happy we got to stay in Echesortu...we love it here! Things that happened this week:
Sunday was CRAZY!!! It was fast and testimony meeting as well for us. 5 of our familias de rescate (the people we have been focusing on to get back to church) were there Sunday!!!! WHAT! It was such a miracle. Hermana M - the sweet sister we always have lunches with (did I ever explain that we have to do lunches here because it´s a custom thing? People don´t really eat dinner here. They eat breakfast. Go to work or school. Then everyone goes home for siesta around noon and eats a meal,like our dinnertime in the U.S. Then everyone takes a nap or relaxes until around five. And then they usually eat a little something before they go back to school or work. And then they eat again around 10 and go to bed really late. Oh and then everyone just drinks mate all the time. And thus we eat lunches with members and then eat a little snack before we go to bed.) was there! It´s been like 20 years or something since she´s been to church and we were SHOCKED! It was so exciting! Our Gospel Principles class was packed and it was great!! So there was going to be the baptism of a little boy in the ward that day and we were like " Perfect! We can have M go to see what it is like and then have his interview for his baptism!" So we were pretty excited! We get to church and M is there and everything is going well with seeing all these menos activos there and everything and then the father of the son getting baptized comes up to us and asks us to give the talks at the baptism. My comp is like yeah yeah sure and I was more than happy to but at the same time flipping out because I have to prepare a talk about the Holy Ghost and speak at a baptism in two hours in castellano! Needless to say I prayed like crazy for help. So we were writing talks and trying to plan and coordinate M´s baptism with everyone and invite everyone and introduce him to people and then we found out we had consejo (ward counsel) before the baptism and we had to talk to a million different people and then we had to do the music for the baptism as well and every thing was just crazy!...but I loved it! Heavenly Father made sure everything worked out perfectly! The baptism went great! Hermana Hickman gave a beautiful talk and M loved the service and little A and his family were so happy and my talk went super well and people could understand me and said my spanish was inproving ( oh man the gifts of the spirit!!!) and it was wonderful! After M had his interview and he passed with flying colors!! So we will be having his baptism next Saturday at 10:30 am- hope to see you all there!! hahah! Our first babtism here in Echesortu!! Hopefully with many more to come! The ward is so excited to have a new young adult in the ward and it´s been great! Now the thing is we need more people to teach...and contacting is not the way...so we were crunching numbers the other day and did you know that there is 700 times more of a success rate for people to join the church if they are a reference rather than they are someone we found knocking doors?? 700!! SO GO GIVE THE MISSIONARIES IN OUR WARD SOME REFERENCIAS! Seriously! Everyone you know!!! 
Hna Hickman and I have become such good friends in our time here! We have way too much fun! The word I think of to describe her is solid. She is an amazing missionary and I couldn´t have had a better trainer. I love her! Her family is probably coming to visit you all at the diner soon so take good care of them if they do and feed them (give them the family discount!!! aka for free!!)
Give all my love to everyone in the ward and at the diner and all our family members! I don´t usually have time to write anyone else but I am so thankful for the emails! My address for letters and packages is the address of the mission home...don´t send things to my apartment!! I am so excited you´re sending me a package!! That means I´ll get it by Christmas time!! YAY! If I could request somethings....Midol, Melatonen, CANDY (as much candy as you can fit in a box that is nonperishable!! Mike and Ike´s, sour patch kids, ect.), brownie mix, american food in general, a gillion letters from all of you and printed photos, and american makeup.... that´s basically it. I miss American stuff...American brands. OH and PEANUT BUTTER. That would be beautiful. OH hey and could I get your diner recipe for ranch? That also doesn´t really exist here. Oh and buttermilk syrup recipe! And any other goodies that don´t require very many ingredients! Hahah! MOM YOU MUST TEACH ME TO COOK WHEN I GET HOME. There. I said it. The sentence that you have been waiting your whole life time to hear. YOU MUST TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. Oh and I have a ton of stuff that Daniel the cook must teach me.
Yeah I don´t get a ton of emails but that´s okay I am just thankful for what I have! Keep me updated with the ward and missionary work and family life and Sequim life and gossip and world events and everything! 
FELIZ DIA DE MADRE, MAMA! It´s mother´s day here this sunday but I don´t get to call you till may for that but that´s okay! I love you and will be thinking about you on Sunday!!! (aka the day Martin gets the holy ghost!!)
Hahah my comp and I were talking about coming back to Argentina one day to visit everyone and do all the things we can´t now and I was like I don´t if I´d bring my parents and I was like no dad would love it here and you would Dad!! Mom... not so much haha! You would die if you saw some things... hahah! 
HEY! I love you all so much! Thank you for the photos for the stories and emails and for your support! I have an amazing family! I am so thankful for your righteous examples and your love!!!!!
Have a great week! 
Happy Colombus Day!

Hna Willis

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