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Hey family! Another great week here in Rosario! 
First of all I hit 3 months on the mish this week!! YAY! I can´t believe it´s been that long! Time passing in the mission is the weirdest! Well we celebrated that this week by having our first baptism here in Echesortu! The baptism of M! We prepared all this week for it we went and cleaned the font the night before and then we had to be to the church at six thirty to fill it. So we get there and start filling it but soon realize the hot water heater isn´t on. And the pilot light is like encased in glass so we can´t just light it ourselves like we can in our pench. We´re trying to take it apart but to no avail and it´s like 6 in the morning so we can´t call anyone yet so we resort to just boiling water in this HUGE pot and then carrying it and dumping it in the font...not effective. So we just fill it with the cold water and are dying because we were joking with M that it was going to be cold water and he´d have to bring mate for afterwards but now it was really going to be cold haha...so we went and got some facturas for breakfast and did a little bit of studies and our part of the program ready (we did a little presentation of the restoration lesson and our testimonies and so forth while he was changing). And then finally Hno. G showed up and fixed the heater in 2 seconds so we were able to get it warmed up a little bit which was good! Then everyone started showing up! We had a great turn out of about 27 people! The bishop was there, and all of M´s non member family came, a lot of the young single adults-it was great and everything went perfect!!! M bore his testimony at the end and it was amazing... the members were very impressed ( it´s crazy how much he knows and how the Lord has been working with him!) And then we had a little bit of refreshments after (we made pan de banana and sisters in the ward brought empanadas and sandwiches) and got to talk with his family and members got to congradulate him and it was great!! Then everyone left and it was back to work! We got a call though to go wait with an elder at the terminal (sister travel coordinators and all...) and we get there and don´t see him anywhere. And then as we are walking around looking for him we see him sitting at a table eating with M!! Oh man M is already a great member... he just see´s this missionary and he´s like hey I just got baptised today! And the missionary is like what! And yeah...! So then we found that the collectivo (double decker buses everyone takes here to go far distances) he was supposed to take already left and that he was going to be stuck there for a while so we ate at the terminal and it was great! Then it was Sunday and M got el espiritu santo and it was el dia de la madre (mothers day here in argentina) and it was el classico ( the biggest futbol game in rosario between the two city rivals Central and Newell´s). One heck of a Sunday. M´s blessing was pretty interesting because in it he was told that he would serve a full time mission...my comp and i just looked at eachother and pretty much freaked out with excitement (yeah that´s a thing)! WHAT! And it was mother´s day so we had bought a ton of carnations the night before (everyone sells flowers on the streets here before mothers day) and we gave one to every mother and the ward had bought other treats for them as well and it was awesome! Then because of el classico all of the hermanas within the city of rosario weren´t allowed to go outside and work the rest of the day because of all the craziness so we locked ourselves in the pench and studied and organized and made tortas fritas (basically fry bread- flower water and sugar). We were bumed we didn´t get to work but argentines and their futbol... the worst part is that our team lost. LAME. We had a lot of good contacts this week. We were about to give in on contacting so much until we had this great week where we found a lot of interested potentials. So that´s exciting! I went to villa this week for the first time. Villa is basically the poorest of the poor, where the people basically live in huts they´ve thrown together. It´s sad.
Now to answer questions:
We have a great gospel prinicples teacher Hna. L, my comp taught once because she was sick but she usually teaches and she comes to lessons with us a lot because she lives by the capilla. 
Hahah oh dad...everywhere in Rosario has bars and gates...lest they get robbed. We don´t even carry bags or money or cameras in the streets with us because of this. Hahah
I do like our apartment! I wish it was closer to the capilla and more central and had a window but I like it! Summer will be fun without airconditioning.
We never go to members homes for dinners because dinner doesn´t really exisit here... just big lunches and siestas.So we always go to their homes for lunch! And we get great food! Lots of pasta (tortellini, ravioli, spegetti and meatballs, etc.), canalones (like cooked spinach in a crepe with red sauce and cheese on top.. super good), milanesa, hamburgers, chicken, empanadas, rice...lots of rice (people eat mayo with everything here like they just mix rice with mayo and call it good) and yeah. There is always juice ( really it´s Tang. Everyone drinks Tang with everything here and all different kinds of flavors) and bread and sometimes salad (lettece and tomatos with oil and salt). Usually for dessert we get apples or oranges and I´ve also had ice cream and I´ve had flan (which is not my fave).
The youth here are great! There are a lot of young single adults here because we are right by many of the universities and medical schools. The youth are crazy about efy and everyone goes to dances and stuff and are pretty involved... its cool! 
We generally only knock doors for about an hour or two every day. It´s not the most effective all the time but sometimes we find some really good people. Almost all the people here have little voice intercoms as their door bells so we have to talk to them through that and its lame or they have slots and little windows in their doors that they open. People are very cautious here and for good reason... hahah.

I hope I answered some of your questions! Thank you for all the emails!! And they were long!! hahah yay! It was great! Thanks for all the photos I love hearing from you all! I´m so glad you´re all doing so well!!! Send me lots of photos from Hawaii!!!!

Hna Willis

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