H o l a  familia! Como andan? Como esta Hawaii?? Digame todo! 
This week was busy! The focus and all our goals this week were based on finding more people to teach... and did we ever! We had a goal to have one nuevo (new investigator) everyday. And we beat that goal by one with 8 nuevos! So that´s exciting! This week will be all about having a second lesson with them and programming them for baptism!
We had divisiones this week with the sister training leaders. My comp went to their area and one of the sister training leaders came here to work with me in our area for 24 hours. It was the most stressful 24 hours of my life!! She didn´t speak a word of english and I had to be senor companion for the day and set up appointments and know my way around and everything! I prayed constantly the entire time! Hahaha! Everything went well and I was able to talk to everyone suffiently and we had good set lessons (one even with a member) and good contacts. She did a little training with me and basically I just need to talk more... Spanish is hard and it´s hard for me to make speaking it natural but it´s a work in progress. 
This week I also had tramites. Basically it´s when you go to the mission home and then to Rosario and do paper work for visas and it usually takes up our morning. Well I was with another Hermana and we were sitting there alone waiting for our names to get called when this guy heard us speaking English and started talking to us because he moved here from Jamica and speaks english too. His name is Neon Nations and he is black and he will be baptized (haha at least that´s what I´m going for). Anyways he´s super solid and we taught him the Restoration in english and he downloaded the Book of Mormon app on his phone and I got his info and now we are going to go teach him this next week!! I´m pretty sure the Lord gives me all these English speakers to make me feel better about myself- he´s like look you can teach and preach the gospel, you really can just practice a little in english and we´ll work on the spanish part! So yeah we are excited to teach Neon. It´s fun to be bilingual. 
It´s starting to get hot here and I´m a little worried... I mean really hot. It´s already in the 90s with almost 100 percent humidity and we are only in October!! By the time we get to December I´m going to be a french fry!! Luckily we have a fan in our apartment. My comp was telling me last summer it got up in 130 degree area. Great.
Lots of changes are happening in the mish. Presidente is really laying down the law. Any specially perks that the missionaries used to have are being taken away and it´s getting real. Hahah. It´s for the best though- we are going to baptize the Argentina.
How is Hawaii?! I can´t wait to see all your photos next Monday!! Have fun, get tan! I´ll send photos of my weird feet tan lines next week! 
OH Dad you would die! You can buy 16 pounds of oranges here for two dollars!! 2!! We live on fruit. I also live on dulce de luche but that´s another story... I love food and I eat like a teenage boy and there´s no shame in that. 
Love you and miss you!!

Hna. Willis

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