Another full week here in Echesortu! So much has happened I don´t know where to begin!! 
We had reunion de zona this week and it was great! We had to go early to open our capilla for the meeting so we bought facturas for breakfast at a little bakery on our way (look those up they are the best). Then I had to give the spiritual thought at the meeting so that was kind of exciting and scary... but it went well! We learned a lot, were spiritually fed and ready to work hard after that. After we went with our district and ate at this cool little hole in the wall of a burger place that has the BEST burgers i´ve ever tried in my life! You pick all your own toppings and ohhhhh man de diez! 
This week was a week of miracles! Firstly, remember that couple we found that he is an endowed member and she is a JW? Well the night we showed up at their door, that morning they recieved a call that he was going to get money from a motorcycle accident that he never thought he was going to get. So they pretty much took that as a sign and he´s been coming to church ever since. BUT he bought a car the next week with the money and they had the car for 2 DAYS before it got stolen. THEN our next meeting with them they are telling us how they finally bought the car but in between that time it got stolen and we were feeling really like satan was working hard on these people. BUT THEN in the middle of this same lesson the police knock on the door and tell them that against all the odds they found the car and we are like 'WHAT!!!' And they were like oh my goodness you must be angels. Like look at all this stuff that has happened!! And we being shocked were just like no we didn´t do anything it is definately God. But wow! So E is continuing to go to church and get his life back together and V thinks we are like life coaches or spirit guides or something so we are working with her to direct her questions to God and let her know that no we are just normal 20 year old girls (i mean called by a profeta and filled the power of God no less) but that God is the one bringing these feelings into her home and miracles into her life and he is the one that she needs to turn to and she has been working on prayer and praying with her husband. She is such a sweet woman. 
The second miracle this week was that M's daughter (who was supposedly kidnapped) was found!!!!!!!!!!! She actually ran away but they found her so all is better. We had a hard lesson with M this week though... she pretty much told us she doesn´t believe in God and that there is no purpose for us on this earth and there is no Christ and on and on and on. It was one of the most difficult lessons I´ve ever been in. Because she knows the truth and yet she rejects it because it is easier. We testified to her the truth and promised her things if she would believe and keep going. But she  rejected it and her son that is supposed to be baptised this week and was so excited- she now says he won´t be baptized. Her son L also was started to take interest. She said we could come back this week though so we´ll see how that goes. It´s so difficult because she is baptized, she has felt the spirit, she knows it´s true, and she chooses to reject it. But we move forward and continue to pray that she will have a change of heart. Love those less active members, visit them, be their friends. They need us as members.
OH this week we found two need people to teach! 
The first is M. Talk about a golden investigator. He was a reference from Mormon.org his girlfriend who is a member put his name in and didnt really think anything of it. Then we got the call from the mission office and called him. He was surprised but agreed to meet with us at the church with his girlfriend. We taught him the Restoration. He smiled the entire time. All three of us bore our testimonies of the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, the book of Mormon and at the end he said he would be baptized. I´ve never seen someone so prepared before. He agreed to go to chruch that Sunday and as we were explaining the different meetings he goes 'so can i go to all three meetings?' and we are just like YES! His girlfriend lives far away, but he has a friend who is also a member so he came to church him and loved it! We are so excited and blessed to get to teach him!! He keeps saying to everyone ' so when I´m a member...' he is so ready!! 
Our other cool investigator is a 14 year old girl who just moved here from Miami. We were going over old investigators last night and found her and thought we´d pass by. Little did we know that she speaks primarily ENGLISH. YES. ENGLISH. My comp was freaking out a little because she doesn´t remember how to teach in English and basically I got to lead the lesson! Oh man. It´s a little discouraging sometimes that I can´t speak as good of Spanish as I want to but this was such a good opportunity to see that yes I can teach! Hahah! She has agreed to be baptized but couldn´t go to church this sunday because her mom was out of town. She´s a sweet quirky girl. When we asked her to pray for the first time in her prayer she prayed that the lord would help her with Juan this boy she has a MEGA crush on she was like ' please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeaaaassseeee helpmewith Juan' it was hilarious! My comp and I felt kind of bad because we couldn´t help but laugh and then she asked us if we had ever been in love hahahah oh man. 
Saturday morning we went to the World Wide Day of Service project in central rosario. We helped clean up this school, paint, scrubbed desks, ect. It was so fun to just get down and dirty and work! A lot of missionaries were there and members and nonmembers and we had fun. 
Last night was p-night and so we watched leagacy and ate icecream! 
I have been studying prayer a lot recently and I love this scripture about it Alma 13;28.
We´ve been working hard, being obedient and focused, studying, learning, and relying on the Lord. I love this! I love my comp, I love these people, I love the Lord.
LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Mom I loved your email soooooo much this week. It was beautiful. You are an incredible example to me. Vancer, it sounds like you are having so much fun!!! Enjoy this last crazy year of school! Don´t feel overwhelmed and have fun! Thanks for all the photos and emails and love! Tell everyone I say hi and love them!!!!!

Hna. Willis

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