H e y ! 
 To start out the week it was so hot we were dying-like not a normal hot- more like it´s almost 100 decrees and it feels like I´m breathing in water and we have one fan and live in an oven. And then there´s like randomly this huge freak wind/dirt storm that like completely messes with me and then I had killer allergies. So we got Benedril (or however you spell it thank you) from the mission home and we took that that night to help. Well apparently it lasts twelve hours so we had the weirdest morning of our lives hahah! We are like moving in slo-mo and excersing that morning was the biggest joke of our lives haha and we only fell asleep in studies like four times. So yeah no more of that. Then the weather went completely out of wack and it droped 40 degrees in a couple of hours and it´s been freezing and pooring down rain. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! 
Oh this week we finally got our Newell´s jerseys. So here´s the story. We had gone to this place on the other side of our area to buy these jersey´s because it was cheap. Well, it took like 3 weeks of us going for us to finally get them and then once we got them home we realized that they had put my last name on my comps jersey. No. We go back the next pday to get them fixed and they´re super nice about it and are like yeah we´ll fix them and deliver them to you. And we are like cool. Well they never deliver them and when we call they say they are busy. And when we go by the store the next week they say they left them in the car and this goes on for weeks. So finally we are like okay they have our money and our shirts and start thinking they are trying to scam a couple of Yanquis. So we tell Presidente Z (the stake president- he and his fam are our argentine family here) in passing about it and he´s like okay give me their number I´m calling them now. And so he calls them and asks about the shirts they sold to two "rubias mormones" (white mormons) and basically says something about him being a church lawyer and asks for their business license and stuff. Well the people started freaking and they were like no no like we have them now come anytime you want! And we are over in the corner dying laughing. And then someone from the high counsel comes in and he´s like okay we´re going down there to get their shirts. So what happens is these two huge hermanos go and retrieve our camisas for us and all is well in the universe. Haha my comp and I keep joking that we have a priesthood army. Yeah. Don´t mess with the Yanqui hermanas from echesortu! We are well taken care of! Hahah! 
M, our little recent convert, got the priesthood this Sunday! He´ll be helping with the sacrament next week! What! What else is cool is that he has a small window of time that he can still go on a misson so we could be on our missions at the same time! Woo! 
OH. This week was fast sunday right. So as we are on our way to lunch we remember this. So we get to Hna. M´s house and usually she makes really good stuff... a little healthy but delicious. We get there and she had forgotten we were coming and we were like oh its cool we can eat at home no big deal but she wasn´t having that so she quickly whipped something together. It smelt a little strange and when I looked over at the meat she was cooking I realized it was liver. Now I know liver isn´t that weird of a thing to eat but she was making it so fast that it was a little under cooked... I thought I was going to die. I knew though that I was a missionary and that I had to be thankful and strong but it was sooooo hard. So yeah I ate liver and onions and polenta. Yum. The worst part is that we were fasting after that so we had that to sit on for 24 hours. And we smelt like liver so we had to go home and change. Hahaha! Oh man. Mish life. 
In other news one of our investigators D is really starting to progress. He is only 17 but he has tons of good questions and has started really reading the Book of Mormon and praying and members and us have really been helping him to get to church and its amazing the change that is happening. He came up to us at church yesterday and he´s like it´s weird the more and more I do this stuff the more I want to get baptized! What! He´s baptism is scheduled for the 22 of this month- right after transfers so we´ll see what happens! Oh yeah so like two apostles are coming to this part of Argentina in the next couple of weeks and we heard rumors that 40 of us are getting moved out of the mission. If you all have any idea whats going on feel free to fill me in. Hahah crazy! 
This week we also found an amazing little family. We taught the mom and it was a really good first lesson. They were going to go to church but it rained (people don´t go places when it rains here). We´re excited to go back and teach them more!
Funny contacting story. So we´re out knocking doors in this little street and we knock this door and this old lady starts taking to us through her shutters so we can´t see anyone. We ask if we can come in or if she would come to the door or if she would open her window but she says she´s been assulted three times so she wouldn´t but we get talking to her and she´s super catholic (go figure). So she goes off about something and then it turns into a prayer and then her prayer turns into her quoting and scripture and then she´d randomly ask us a question and then she´d go off again and so we are standing in this empty little street staring and a wall and listening it this voice talk to it´s self. It was weird. We managed to slip in a pamplet though and she agreed to let us in the next time...
Halloween isn´t really a thing here. It´s like cinco de mayo in the US. Some people celebrate in their english classes at school but that´s about it. So we made sure to celebrate! That day we dressed up like the sisters from the District and then our pajamas were our costumes. I was a nija and Hermana Hickman was superman. And then we ate candy!
Love you miss you!

Hermana Willis

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