H E Y ! 
So besides it being one of the most difficult weeks on my mission it was also one of the best. 
We taught N and Y- this catholic teenage couple- this week and they accepted a baptism date! Which is crazy! Nicholas is crazy catholic and has a baptism date in his church for the same month as ours so now he just has to pray and get an answer before that happens hahah! But it is amazing how the spirit changes people... we met them and it was a lot of Bible bashing for him at first but now they´re hearts are much more open- vamos a ver! 
A crazy story I forgot to tell you from last week. So we were out working on day last week and we were really far from our apartment or the capilla and it starts pouring out of nowhere (thank you crazy argentine weather). And not expecting this storm we didn´t have umbrellas or anything so we huddled under this tree but then it picked up even more and it starting hailing quarter sized chunks of ice! We were like WHAT IS THIS! and we had nowhere to go. I got this feeling that I should say a prayer so I just was like Heavenly Father if there is someway you could send someone to help us right now and right as I thought this this guy yells for us to come and hide in his store until the storm passed. We get talking to him and we find out that he has heard about our church before and even has a Book of Mormon and that he has lots of good questions and wanted to learn more! So now we are teaching him.
This week we had Zone Conference! Oh man it was the best! We teach all the time and so it was so nice just to sit and learn. President and his whole family came. We got to hear from both Presidente y Hna Z and we did some practices and we ate burgers and fries. After that then I had my interview with President and I decided interviews are the best. I felt like I was talking to dad or something- he just knew me, I knew I was explaining things the best in spanish and I was blubbering all over the place but President knew exactly what I needed to hear- it´s crazy how intune he is with the spirit. Basically yeah I just need to be patient and happy and calm. And that after I get more comfortable here that I will be able to do more- it´s just having patience with myself and putting my trust in my savior. And yes I can do something better than the prophet- better than 12 of the 15 prophets hahah! You have to crawl before you can sprint a 400 meter race. He said that the Lord probably sent me here to learn patience because if I was anywhere else not learning a language I would just take off- but I´m here and here to learn.  After that there was a youth multistake dance competition and of course we couldn´t stay and watch but we watched one act from one of the wards and it was hilarious they did basically the same thing as the music video What Does the Fox Say and dressed up and everything! I was dyingg! 
So our ward is doing this thing where every family is taking a day in the month to fast for missionary work and to help them to know what friends are ready to hear the gospel and what not. So this really hard day I had it was that day that I was supposed to fast and I wasn´t going to but I decided to anyway. The next day at church this guy from Brazil who is studying here shows up and tells us that he used to take the discussions years ago in Brazil but he walked by our church and decided he wanted to check it out. Well he pretty much loved everything and went to the YSA FHE that night and we are meeting with him to start teaching him this week and he´s super excited! What! 
Our other miracle that happened yesterday was also very unexpected. So we have been working with this less active member and his Jevovah Witness girlfriend that absolutlely loves us like her own grandkids and we´ve been teaching her but without much progress. He has all his temple covenants and was in the bishopric before and everything so basically we were going to go drop cain on him that he has a lot of responsiblities he wasn´t fulfulling. We get to their house and she´s about to tell us that they are busy when it starts pouring rain and so she feels bad and lets us in. Then we are in talking to them and basically something crazy happens and she´s like what we are doing is wrong we either need to get married or separate and it gets pretty real between them. And we keep talking and the spirit is super strong and we talk about our purpose as missionaries being there to invite others to repent and come unto christ and how this is the only way to find relief and happiness and about baptism and we both bore really strong testimonies. And we ask her if she´ll set the goal to be baptised at the end of december and she said she would if it felt right. So then we ask her to say the pray before we left and she was really hesitant and didn´t want to do it (stinkin satan) but we pushed her a little and told her to ask if the Book of Mormon was true in this prayer. She did. I have never felt the spirit so strongly on my mission. She looked at us after the prayer, tear streaked face, and she´s just quiet for the first time. And we are like how do you feel right now? And she´s like weird. I´ve never felt like this before. And we both just smile. 
This is the only true church upon the earth today. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, the same church he organized when he was on the Earth. It was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith and we can know that he was a prophet, that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet, and that Christ is the head of this church- through The Book of Mormon. If we pray and ask if it is true we will recieve an answer through the power of the Holy Ghost. We will feel it is true. Not only have I seen this in my life but in the lives of others. This is why I´m a missionary. Basically my comp and I decided that being on a mission is like spiritual puberty. Hahah! We were talking about it in conference and president was giving examples of in life and in callings and you´ll have to do things and you´ll ask yourself where did I learn this? The mission! 
I love you so much! I miss you and pray for each of you daily. 
Hna Willis
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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