¡ H o l a familia!

So much has happened this week I don´t really know where to start. So here we go-
We have this investigator N that I told you all about already with the baptism date in both our church and the Catholic church. Well, we had a pretty interesting lesson with him this week in which we invited him to tour our church and he his. It was super interesting... basically you go in and pray to different statues for different things and there´s a room that god is in. But it was education and we were respectful none the less.
Also two apostles came to Argentina this week. The wife of Elder Nelson came to our ward for a charla so we got to meet her briefly- so that was neat. They did a broadcast from Buenos Aires for the married couples and we peeked in on that so we could see an apostle speaking spanish...they had pretty yanqui accents but it was cool nonetheless. 
Also this week my comp and I went to a choqua de fuerza in the area of our zone leaders to help them get more investigators. Basically all the missionaries go on splits with members and go contacting. It was fun! I went with this mom and her daughter and the mom is an exmissionary so that was nice. They kept making me start the door approach though because they said I did it better and I was like I barely speak spanish what are you talking about and she was like well I just blah blah blah at them but you teach and testify really well. I was like wow thanks. Then we are sitting and waiting for my comp and a few other missionaries to get back and in front of everyone she´s like- why are you on a misson. And like well it´s something I always wanted to do and I recieved an answer that I´m supposed to be here and then she´s like why aren´t you married yet you´re too pretty to be missionary you should have been married already- it was just really awkward for everyone...
Also this week we had stake conference with Elder Zeballos of the 70 and our stake president and our mission president. It was incredible. And we got to say goodbye to our zone before transfers. 
Exciting news!! V and E are getting married!!! (they´re the ones I was telling you about last week- that prayed to know the book of mormon was true and accepted a baptism date) I love them and I am so excited they are finally taking this first step! December 3!!! And we have a baptism date for her at the end of this month. Also the Brazilian, R is really progressing and he is going to be baptized on the 6th of December. D has also had a complete change of heart and is going to get baptized this next Monday!! It´s amazing the changes you get to see as a missionary, the ways that the gospel blesses the lives of these people, and that I get to feel a little part of the immense love that their Heavenly Father has for them! It´s the best. We worked like crazies this week- from Monday to Monday we taught a 35 lessons! The work is really picking up here!! We´ve had a great transfer.
But all good things must come to an end. I got the call on Monday morning that I am going to be transfered and Hna. Hickman is staying and training again. I´m going to Sunchales. It´s like 6 or 7 hours north of here out in the middle of nowhere country. From what I´ve heard it´s a really small town but apparently it´s less humid because it´s farther from the river so that will be good... it´s already crazy hot here. My companion is a latina from Peru. That´s probably what I´m most nervous for... I hope she doesn´t mind that I have here repeat herself a million times hahah. It will be weird though going through Thanksgiving without a companion that celebrates it... and not speaking English. Pray for my survival!!! Hahah! Saying bye to everyone was the worst. Like D is getting baptized on Monday for crying out loud! And I´m going to miss seeing M and MR after their first week to the temple and the primary program and V and E's wedding and adksjfs! I feel like this is my home now. The only thing I won´t miss is our windowless cockroach infested apartment.

Hey, I love you all! I miss you! It sounds like everyone is doing so good!!! Help the missionaries and keep doing what you do! 

Love you!
Hermana Willis   

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