H e y y y y ! So I have like a million things to tell you but today is a holiday and all the cibers are closed so I only have like 20 minutues to write this but we got permission to write more tomorrow so send me emails and photos for tomorrow if you get a second!!
I´m in Sunchales!! I love it here so much already. We have a BEAUTIFUL apartment. And this little pueblito is lovely. It feels like I´m back in Sequim or something. It´s so different from Rosario. The people are different. Everything is a lot calmer here and the people are way more laid back. It´s nice. This town is home to the company Sancor which is a major dairy producer. I´ve already eaten a lot of beef hahah! I love being in the country. I am already learning more about Argentine culture... it was difficult to see it as much in the city but here it´s more apparent. 
The branch here is amazing. We have an awesome branch president! His family invited us over to their house today for my first asado (aka argentine barbeque)! It was delicious to say the least! And he loves to play the guitar so he and his wife put on a little concert for us and everything! There is also an older missionary couple here- the Hohermuth´s. They are from Switzerland!! 
It´s so exciting because this week was the first week the branch reached an attendance of 22 people! The story of the branch is so cool. There was so many times it was almost closed but now it´s growing more than ever! Only recently did this area get reopened for missionaries. It´s really exciting!! It´s weird because we have so many investigators we don´t have time to get to all of them- it´s the weirdest problem hahah! It´s a matter of figuring out who is really going to progress or not... most people just like to talk to us hahah it´s a really friendly place! We are focusing now on finding families and teaching them. We have narrowed down a list of potential families that we want to work more with and we are going to fast and pray to know who we need to focus on. There are so many good people here!! Last sunday we had 3 investigators (and two of one of the investigators kids) at church! Ah it was the best! Church is only two hours here. And we rent out an old folks club for it every sunday- we don´t have a chapel yet but we are hopefully getting one in the next couple weeks!  I helped out in the older primary class while my comp helped out in gospel principles. Then I played the piano for sacrament meeting and bore my testimony. Since we only rent out the club on Sunday´s and I have to practice the piano (keyboard) every day for 20 minutes we have to bring the piano to church every Sunday- hahah which means I literally have to carry this 50 pound piano on my back and walk to church! Hahah! I´ll send you a photo tomorrow! I am also going to start teaching many of the little girls here how to play piano so that they have someone to play when I leave. It´s funny to me because I´m really not so good at piano but at least I can teach them the basics and the notes.
My comp is super sweet. Her name is Hna Garbin. She is from Peru and is 23 and has 15 months in the mission. She is very loving and patient and we get along well. Hahah the other day there were fireworks going off and a ton of birds were flying out of the park as we were walking by and one falls dead infront of us and she runs over and picks it up and I´m like it´s dead but it wasn´t and it pretty much lived because of her. I am learning a ton of spanish and speaking it all the time has been seriously beneficial.
I´m going to learn a lot here and work a lot. We teach ALL THE TIME it´s awesome! Write you more tomorrow and I have TONNNNS of photos to send! I am happy! I love you all! Thank you for your emails and photos they mean a lot to me!!

Hna Willis

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