¡ H o l a  familia!
¡FELIZ DIA DE GRACIAS! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Please send me photos of Miranda because I have yet to see what she looks like pregnant.  WOW its so fun seeing everyone together! Everyone looks so different! I am so glad to hear grandpa is doing good and I hope you sent my love to him and grandma! I hope you ate extra turkey and pie for me! What day even was Thanksgiving this year? Jajaj! OH I forgot to tell you that we changed to summer schedule and now we get up at 7 and go to bed at 11 and have the majority of our studies during siesta (because everyone sleeps during that time here). The weather was crazy this week, first it was so hot we were dying but then there was a huge storm and now it´s cold. #elclimaenargentina This week we had una noche de hogar (fhe) with the ward at the senior missionary couple´s house. We brought with us a bunch of the young kids we are teaching and so it was fun having so many youth there. We read our favorite scriptures and then the kids played and we had refreshments and I brought my pictures to show you all off to everyone jajaj! All of the little girls are enamored with Vance and Matt- so guys if you get any facebook requests....jajaj! Sunchales is so small town culture I love it. We see the people we are teaching everywhere and when we are out knocking doors people just let us in! People love to talk here and share stories about their lives- big hearts here! This past week we fasted and prayed to find a family that was prepared to hear the gospel. As we were contacting we knocked a door of a mom with a little girl and twin boys. She said we radiated peace when we talked with her and so we knew she was feeling the spirit. She´s awesome and has a baptism date now and we were finally able this week to teach her and her husband together. We taught them about how prayer can strengthn and protect their family and they said they would start having family prayer!! They are awesome! We teach all the time here and I love it! Church was a little strange this week because it rained on Sunday which means no one leaves their house so there was only one family (the family of the branch president) and two kids we are teaching and K (K is kind of like my ultimate example. She is like 11 or 12 and is the only active member of her family and comes to church by herself every week. She leads the music in sacrament meeting every week and always wants to help us! She is amazing!) And since it was raining we couldn´t bring the piano for risk of it getting wet so I didn´t have to play this week jaaja. But I did have talk- I think it went well- my comp helped me edit it after I translated it... I´ll try to send you a copy. This week we had asado with familia C. It was DELICIOUS! I pretty much love asado. I still haven´t gotten used to the fact that argentine´s eat every part of the animal.... hahah this time I ate cow intestine which actually wasn´t so bad and then I ate some kind of throat gland and that wasn´t my fave. I can´t believe you have snow already!!!!! Ugh enjoy it! All the kids here ask me about the snow in the United States haah! I don´t have a ton of time to write more but I´ll send photos! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!

Hna Willis

mi comp
                                       part time missionary - part time mom and medic

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