POR FIN I get to email you!!! We got our pday pushed to today the 24 for Noche Buena because tonight is basically Christmas for everyone... everyone has a big party tonight with their families and then at midnight there´s going to be a ton of fireworks and that´s when everyone gets their gifts from Papa Noel (not to be confused with Noel from the diner hahahah). So basically we arent working today because it´s pday and then after we get to spend the evening with a member and get to be out until 11:30 WOOT! We are going to spend noche buena with hna S and a bunch of the miembros and are going to eat asado and pan dulce and sing hymns and just hang out- I´m super excited!! Then tomorrow we are supposed to stay in our apartments all day and leave all the families alone to disfrutar su Navidad. We are going to go eat with Hnos H this day and then at two my time we are going to skypeeeeeeeeeeeeee AHHHHHHHH!!! We have one hour to talk and super impressed that you guys thought to write down your questions that will help a ton! I will connect later today to get your skype address and everything! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I´m so excited to see your faces!!!!!!
I love the christmas photo! I started laughing when I saw it hahahah was Sadie really necessary?! Ustedes son hermosos! 
Vance get used to having companions other than Dad... you´re going to have two years of it!!! 
Okay so this week was kind of a week a miracles!!!! Firstly we have an investigator M, she is in her early 30s and has 3 little kids, a little girl L and twin boys M... y F.... and is juntada (meaning she and her spouse aren´t married). We found her knocking doors and she said that we raidiated peace...we knew she was special. We´ve been teaching but her biggest problem was how to know for sure if the church was true how to know if she really was getting an answer from God and it wasn´t just her imagination. I think we had about 8 lessons about the Holy Ghost and prayer and the Book of Mormon and how to recieve an answer and how to recognize the Holy Ghost and we´d been praying for her like crazy. She had such a desire to know the truth! Well one day she finally prayed about it and opened the book of mormon up to this verse that talks about the book of mormon coming forth and the true church and so on and she took this as answer but still had lots of doubts we talked a lot about faith after that. Anyways this week we get a call from her that she prayed and she said she felt peace and heard a voice that said this was the true church!! She went to church this past week and we had a lesson yesturday about the Law of Chastity and committed her to pray and talk with her esposo about getting married (she is ready but he isn´t). She is excited for her baptism date and this next week is going to bring the kids with her to church!!! AH! OH MOM and the other night she taught us how to make ñoquis!!! I think I´m going to make them para navidad! 
OKAY so that happened also our other milagro de este semana- we had divisiones this week with the sister training leaders and I always get super nervous before for no reason and it always turns out being really fun hahah! They decided it would be a good idea to have all of us work in our area so we were excited for that. My comp went with one stl and I with the other. So we go to a menos activo first and he is super drunk and first yells at us for who knows what and then  tries to kiss hna rasband (the capacitadora I was with). So I was like great it´s going to be one of those days... LACK OF FAITH! because we then go to visit this family and the mom and the daughter accept a baptism date! The next family we go to Familia G   they are a HUGE family and they are kind of my favorite.... I helped the daughter pass her English final at school so we are kind of besties now hahah anywho we are teaching them ( I loved teaching with hermana rasband ps) and we program the mom and 3 of her kids!! We are now working with the dad who wasnt at that last charla. 6 programmed that day! It has truely been a week of milagros and I have felt God´s love so much this past week- not only for me but for my awesome companion for the members for the people we teach for Sunchales... this is seriously special place! 

In other news this week I accidently bought a stolen dish towel from 2 gypsy girls. So that happened.

Also this week we went with Hnos H   and O   to go sing in an old folks home as a little Christmas service project. It was so much fun! We were few in number (because originally it was a branch actividad) but everything turned out great and the abuelos loved it! There is this one abuela that kept asking to take pictures with me and holding my hand and telling me to go visit her testigo grandson that other things hahah. Apparently she believes she is the Queen of California. Hey why not! It was super special for all of us and even though I couldn´t understand half of what they said to me I could just feel how much they appreciated and loved that we came. It was a privilege for us. And I´m suppeer excited because this Saturday is our big service project at the other old folks home! Familia Zanni is going to come as well as all the other missionaries in our zone and we are going to put on a little program there and make cookies and cards from them and then after we are going to go sing to some of our investigatores y their familias. WOOT! 

DAD!! It looked like you had a super fun birthday!!! I´m pretty jealous that you´re rocking the new ipad... apple products don't exist here.... it kills me a little inside pero bueno! I had one of the best birthdays I´ve ever had in my whole life! Usually I kind of dread my birthday for one reason or another but this year I was pretty excited mostly just to eat everything in my package (which I did successfully). So that day we worked like normal but had a few mini fiestas with some of our investigators and miembros. Hnos H    invited us over to eat that day and made us the most delicious pot roast type of thing with veggies and jello and my own bottle of bubbly (you have to drink on your 21!! hahaha) and everything! They thought it would be pretty funny to wrap vegetables and give them to us for my birthday and it was hahah! They are awesome! I brought my cake to share with a member family and they sang and pulled my ear 21 times (argentine tradition) and J   gifted me this beautiful bracelet with musical notes (because I´m going to teach her piano) then we went with a cake Hna Garbin made to the house where we teach half the the neighborhood kids in Sunchales and had a little fiesta complete with a parrot which I held. And then O   (recent convert and aka my best friend) and C     (his friend who we are teaching)  surprised me by setting up a little table with snacks and drinks and we ate and had a lesson and enjoyed spending time with them. Hna and Presidente Zanni called to wish me a happy birthday and seriously it was one of the greatest birthdays ever!! I got wayyyy too many presents and felt terrible accepting them but I felt special and just really loved. 
Well I think that´s all that happened this week... oh we had a really good district meeting!! We practiced helping the members know who they could share the gospel with and I kind of loved it. The thing is we all have friends and people we are in contact with everyday. All of these people at one point in their life are going to have the opportunity to accept or reject the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. So why don´t we take the inciative and share it with them now. And who cares what they think about us because this isn´t about us. This is about them. We have this peace, knowledge and direction in our lives. We know our Savior and we are his disciples. He suffered for every single one of us so that we could  return to live with Him and God and live with our families forever. And if we are his disciples we should be willing to walk where he walked, suffer a little as he did to help others, so what if we are a little akward so what if our friend thinks we´re weird after or isn´t interested- Christ died for us. We should be willing to do everything to share what we have and know- to share this gift. My invitation to you all is to pray tonight as a family and personally to know who you can share the gospel with and then set up a time when you can invite the missionaries over to our house to come and share it with them. I know that if you pray in faith and with real intention to act on the answer you recieve that miracles will happen. You can do amazing things it just takes a little bit of faith and trust in the Lord and a little less fear of man. Put the Lord first and I know that he will not leave you and he will help you know what to do. He will guide you. 

I know this church is the true church of Christ. The same that he established when he lived on the earth and by the same authority. I know that it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and that is is through him that we have the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon contains the words of prophets, the words of God and through the Book of Mormon we can come to know our savior more than other. I know that Christ is our Savior and that it is through him that all is possible that we can overcome our sins, weaknesses, temptations, and even death. He provided the way and a perfect example for us to follow. I know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. He has a perfect plan for us. We need only rely in Him. Because he loves us we have living prophets to guide us through this world that is become increasingly more confusing and lost- we have this protection for ourselves and for our families.

I love you all so much! I miss you a ton but I know this is what I´m meant to be doing! Have a fun New Year´s Eve and enjoy your Christmas morning (how exciting!!!) eat lots of american food for me!!! TALK TO YOU TOMORROWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Willis

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