H o l a Familia

Sorry Im not going to use punctuation this week because I am using the Computer of the Senior missionary couple from Switzerland and the Keyboard is weird. This week was a Little crazy for us. We had Zone Meeting that we had to travel to on modaz and then we had district Meeting on Wednesday which we travel two hours each way to go to. Well there is only one collectivo that leaves from San Cristobol after our Meeting and it ran over and we missed our bus. So we had to travel all the way to Santa Fe and then to Raphaela and then to Sunchales.... we ended up on collectivo for 8 hours that day.... it was awful. Hahah. We ended up handing out a bunch of passalong Cards though for the He is the Gift Video so I guess it wasn't completely terrible. No it was pretty bad. In other News this week I killed two scorpions in our Apartment and a HUGE Spider. I have Videos for my posterity and I felt like a Champion. Also this week we had our ward Christmas get together- it turned out really great. We brought a ton of youth and had many investigadores there and everyone seemed to have really enjoy it. We made bread and crafts and watched the Dadiva. I really hope you all got on Facebook and shared it  with all your friends it is seriously important that you do or tell People about the Video at School or at the diner and really this year try to Focus less on the Money and presents and a Little more on our savior. I have been reading more in Jesus the Christ this month and I just read today the part about Jesus growing up and about his relationship with Mary. I encourage you to take some time and read this and about his birth- i love it because it just makes him so much more personal. Devote a Little time every day to read about Him and think of People that you could share this gift with this season. Share your testimony, think of someone you could go out of your way to help. Think okay what gift can I give my Savior this Christmas. I promise you that if you do this Christmas will be one of the most Special Christmas' we ever had and that we will be able to have his Spirit more in our home, be more united as a Family and be closer to him. The church has asked the the missionaries to pass out ten Cards every day to invite People to watch this Video and really we are just talking with everyone and anyone we can. And People respond really well. Don't be afraid to share the gift of Christ and the his restored Gospel.

The rest of this week was relatively normal. But Sunday was craziness... I don't know why. Basically the District president and counselor came and I didn't know they were and the cable to the piano got lost then we found it and  I played a song I didn't know and butchered it hahah and we had to go pick up the Kids for church and prepare a lesson because the teacher wasn't there and just a ton of stuff and I was stressed out of my mind and then I though okay what am I learning here how is this going to help me one day basically I thought of you mom every Sunday and was really grateful and dad also with all of his callings and work and just felt really really grateful and I know that the Lord is preparing me for life and its just going to be a lot sometimes but we rely on him and do what we can and he will do the rest. Everything ended up fine and the Spirit was really strong in our testimony Meeting and every member bore their testimony and one of our investigators felt the Spirit too and it was great.

Bah I don't have more time but I love you thanks a Million for the package and love HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD I will write you more next week
H. Willis

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