December 15, 2014

O k a y and now for the big news...

We got the call this past Saturday that July 2015 the Argentina Rosario mission is going to be split in two and the Argentina Santa Fe mission is going to be created. So there is a chance that for the last six months of my mission I will be in a different mission and with a different mission president... WHAT!!! Right now I am technically in the new mission boundaries but we will see in July where I am going!!!! AHHH!

OKAY! So the next time I talk to you will be the 24th by email but the next day the 25th is when we connect via skype!!! We set it up with the Senior mish couple to talk with you all at 6 pm your time on Christmas day. I will hopefully have more info by our next pday on the 24th. AHHH!!! So excited! Get ready!!!

I decided this week that going to church is one of the greatest blessings we have in our lives. I look forward so much to every Sunday. Sunday´s here are usually pretty stressful with me having to carry the piano half a mile on my back, and searching for investigatores, and preparing lessons and talks and what not and me stressing out over playing the piano in sacrament meeting. But it´s incredible because when I´m in church all of the stresses of the week seem to leave and I can feel the spirit more strongly than anywhere else. I recieve peace of mind and really feel rejunvinated and like I can conquor the next week. It´s like carrying the piano to church... I have all these problems and doubts and stresses but then I get to church and get to take of the piano for a little bit- the piano is still there but I feel relief- and then after I pick it up again rejuvenated and ready to go hahah silly analogy but I have a strong testimony of going to church and taking the sacrament. It´s the best.

Okay have to go once again!
LOVE YOU ALL! Have fun getting ready for Christmas!!

H. Willis 

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