It was so good talking to you on Christmas! It was a little weird and I felt like I didn't talk about anything important and I hardly got to talk to Vance, Matt, or Lauren but whatevs it was just good to see you all more than anything!!! 

This week has been really weird with the holidays and transfers and everything. We've like hardly have had time to work which is hard for me and a little weird but hey we got to get into the spirit of the holidays a little more. We had our Christmas activity with our zone the 27 and we prepared cards and cookies and Familia Zanni came and we ate empanadas and played games and hung out with them and then went and sang and at the old folks home (and I didn't have to play the piano-yesssssss) and then after we had the opportunity to talk one on one with some of the residents and it was super special and they were really  appreciative.It was really special Christmas for me. 

Then this week was transfers and we got like a days notice that Hna Garbin was leaving. It was sad for her to leave Sunchales but it was her time. I feel like a lot of my prayers were answered with my new companion Hna. Richie. She is from Oregon and only has a transfer more than me in the mission. She is hilarious and we have a lot in common and our investigators love her already! We are both excited to work hard and bautizar todas las personas de SUNCHALES hahah! Last night we made milkshakes- this is how awesome she is hahah! 

Hey I will write more later ciber is going to close for siesta!!! Send me photos if you get the chance in the next couple hours!

LOVE YA!!!!!!

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