My New Year´s was pretty calm... we bought a bunch of food and because we were trapped inside all day (we weren´t allowed to leave the pench. lame.) we just vegged and read and wrote letters. And midnight we ran outside and watched some fireworks from our jardin but other than that it was pretty uneventful. Oh but we didn´t have running water that day or the next two days and that was pretty interesting... we had to go borrow buckets of water from the neighboring apartment complex´s spicket and we had to go shower and hnos hohermuth´s house and we couldn´t do dishes and going to the bathroom was a little bit of an adventure but I guess the mish wouldn´t be the same if we didn´t have a little crazy every once in a while hahah... well we thought the problem had been resolved because we called the company we rent from and they came over with a plumber and we had water for like two days but we woke up this morning and my comp showered and then we had no more water so a different plumber is coming back today... hopefully we´ll get water by tomorrow...
Que mas...
OH man... so this week was a little difficult. Basically everyone is getting used to having a new missionary and it´s been a little rough. O...... (our recent convert) particularly took it pretty hard. At first he was fine and then something snapped in him after new year and there was a day where he was just super low and called us and told us he was leaving the church and his friend C..... (who has baptism date and has been going to church and everythng) was not going to go back to the church either because they were mad at the missionary system and that there were always changes and that they really got to be good friends with a missionary and then they just up in leave with like no notice and that they never wanted us to come back again because we were just going to leave someday too.AYE AY AYE! NOOOO! Way to kill the excitement of my new comp right...ughhhh. We explained that it´s the timing of the Lord and there are more people that need those missionaries and that now it´s time for a new missionary. And I kind of got really upset because these two people are so important to me and Heavenly Father and I just felt a ton of love for them and was upset that they were giving up their testimonies and O..... the priesthood and his covenants and everything over something so little and insignificant and broke down and cried a little bit and just bore what felt like my last testimony to them. We left that lesson feeling super low but they promised us that they would pray about it before they did anything drastic. O..... said that we better hope he got an answer because if he didn´t it was ciao! I don´t think I´ve ever prayed so hard in my life...The next day I felt a little better and as we were walking over to their house both Hna Richey and I had the feeling that everything was going to be alright. And when we got there everything seemed a lot better. They said they had a question for me and asked me why I cried the night before with them and I said because I felt the spirit and I felt a lot of love and the love that Heavenly Father has for them. O..... said he felt the spirit too and that he prayed that night and received an answer that he shouldn´t leave the church and they both promised that they were going to be at church on Sunday. C..... ended up getting called into work but O..... came and passed the sacrament and bore his testimony in testimony meeting and thanked us for helping him not go astray. He´s doing really good now...it was a little dramatic but he understands now and said in his testimony that the branch is his family now. We went over to their house later that night and he shared his favorite scripture with us and he has now read the book of mormon 7 times since he first met the missionaries 2 months ago. He is preparing to go to the temple for the first time this month. (YAYY!!) New convert´s need a lot of help and support. A. because this is somethng totally new for them and it´s a lot and first and they don´t understand it all and they´re learning and changing and adjusting and  B. because Satan likes to attack them in every way possible and wants them to go back to their old life, he makes it look easier. I feel like I learned a lot from this experience but more than anything just learned how much love heavenly father has for every person individually.
I really like my new companion! She´s great and we laugh a lot! Like we can´t get through singing our hymn in comp study because we are laughing haah! And it´s fun being companions with someone who isn´t as old in the mission like we both make mistakes and it isn´t just me hahah! All of her older sisters have served missions and she is the youngest. She is from the same city as Hna Knapp! Oh and I don´t know if I told you but Hna Hickman is my Sister Training leader now! hahah what were the odds!
Oh this week Hna C..... taught us how to make canalones that was fun... we are supposedly getting our church buildng this month... I have another talk in church this coming sunday....what else...
Everything is going good. It´s super hot here though. Our area is doing good and it´s just about gettng our investigators to their dates and getting them to church... that´s about the biggest struggle. I wish we had an investigator bus. Then all of our problems in life might be solved. OH and there is this killer empanada place close to our house that sells like candied meat empanadas.. they are to die for!! Mom- yes that was cheese on the pizza... pizza is weird here but good I mean pizza is pizza hahah! and thanks for updating the blog!

hna willis

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