H e y  fam!

This was kind of a weird long week for me but as my last companion always said ´asi es la vida no?´ Asi es.

We had zone conference last Monday and that was good. Every companionship in the zone has a new companion so lots of changes! My comp Hna Richey her trainer is in our zone and is going home this transfer so after conference we had a little good bye sleep over (zone leader approved of course) in their pench in Rafaela. It was super fun but their apartment had like zero windows and we were dying of heat and humidity and they had lots of roaches and one crawled on my comp´s face in the middle of the night and then one across our feet and I´m just really thankful for the apartment we have. Also at this conference we got our little mission books for christmas which has pictures of all the missionaries in our mission (kind of like a missionary yearbook or something) so that´s cool. I´ll send you one as soon as I can!

Well Thursday my cold got really really bad and I was out for the rest of the week. It was weird because I just got super weak too and like dizzy everytime I´d try to get up and sick to my stomach. President Quintana and Elder Hohermuth came over and gave me a blessing and the sacrament and
I´ve been doing better but I still have like no energy. Hna Hohermuth thinks I could be annemic so I might go get tested but we´ll see how it pans out. So it was a rough week inside sleeping and me dying to go visit people while my comp cleaned and studied. Ugh. We got some good bonding time in though hahah Hna Richey is literally my fave can we adopt her. In other rough news, remember K....... she´s the awesome 11 year old that goes to church by herself everyweek and is a rockstar? Her fam is menos activo and we teach them and they had just agreed to go back to church yeah well her little brother drowned this week. He´s five. It was really rough for me. I´m just not used to people I know and like am friends with dying. I know he´s going to the celestial kingdom and is happy now but it´s still just weird and hard. Like he´s never going to run up to me and  fist pound me and make me put on his spiderman mask anymore... it´s just rough. And it didn´t help that I was sick during this and anyways... yeah. Their poor family. We are going over with flowers this week and are going to start visiting them but for now they just need space.
Okay enough sad stuff!

In other news we are getting the contract signed for our capilla today!!!! WAHHOOOOO FINALLY!!!! Which means in 6 weeks or so we will have a church building to meet in!!!!! Other good things- O..... is doing really well again and is our barbara (close friend) and hopefully his friend C..... will be getting baptized by the end of this month yeah!!

Thanks for your prayers and your emails and photos and sharing stories from your lives! They mean the world to me and I love hearing that your doing well and are happy and righteous and loving life! I miss you all a ton! Today (i know this is bad but whatevs) I just felt super trunky for family home evening... I´m like of all the things I miss from home I just really want to go to family home evening with my family hahaha aw! I love you!

Hna Willis  

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