I´m happy to hear that you all are doing good and staying busy (haha but when has that ever been a problem!). Everything is good here. I´m not gonna lie it was a long week but also I hit six months this week- mission time is the weirdest! It passes so fast and yet sometimes it feels like it does´t move at all. Weird. 

So this week was a little difficult because we had to drop two investigators. Ugh. My trainer once told me that dropping an investigator is as heart wrenching as/ feels like breaking up with a boyfriend. Not that I know that feeling (hahah) but if it´s anything like what I felt this week it must be absolutely awful. M... (I´m pretty sure I wrote you about her before) she´s the one that got two answers from Heavenly Father that the church was true and went to church and felt a lot of peace and security there and had a testimony of the book of mormon- EVERYTHING okay and was supposed to be getting baptized this month and has the cute little twins and a cute little girl. Okay well anyway she had some doubts and we had thought we had helped her clear them all up and that she was doing well again and then we went over to her house and basically she told us she was comfortable in her church and even though she knows it´s true she´s going to stay in her church and with her pastor (who p.s. is literally LOCO and basically an anti christ- I´ll have to tell you that whole story some day ugh). We did everything we could but she has her agency ( dang it hahah) so we told her that we are there for her if she ever needed anything and that she is always welcome in our church if she ever changed her mind down the road. We left feeling sad and frustrated but that´s the "mish" sometimes. It´s hard to watch someone you love so much reject something that will bring them and their family happiness.

Investigator number two, D....., we had to drop because he turned out to be a  drunk snake ( snake- mission speak for an investigator who is more interested in the missionaries than the gospel aka creeper). And that´s about all I´m going to say about that for now. 

In good news K.... is back at church this Sunday!! She was a little out of it but seemed to be doing okay. We walked her home after church and got to talk with her family a little bit. Mostly just give the mom lots of hugs and love and let her cry with us. She told us that she and her husband are going to start going to church so thats really good! 

Let´s see... this week we went to B.... birthday party (A...´s neighbor) her family is menos activo so it was good to do something with them. Her mom is definately warming up to us! And B.... is adorable. 
This week we also worked a lot with familia C.... because they need a lot of support right now and were starting to be menos activo again. We helped J.... with Personal Progress and it was SO fun! I miss personal progress and pretty much promised myself I am doing it again when I go home. It´s awesome! We went to their house this week for lunch and as usual they tried to feed us something strange to freak us out. So we ate fried squid this time. It was actually surprisingly good. So add that to my list of weird things I´ve eaten in Argentina. Then this Sunday J.... got the Priesthood because he turned 12 recently and it was a really special expirence for their family and for the branch! That makes two now with sacerdocio menor!! Their fam is doing better! :)
Que mas....

We missed the bus to district meeting this week ( my bad...) haha so we had to wait and go the next day oops. But then we bought the elders facturas and it was all good. Our district is all Yanquis except for one elder that´s Latino so it´s kind of funny. We practiced cutting of people while they´re talking and rerouting the conversation to gospel topics because Argentines love to talk about anything and everything and can go off for like a half an hour so it was good to practice that. It´s hard for me to be assertive and cut people off and take control of the convo. Ugh. 
Oh and then we had our branch activity which was really fun! Tragos sin alcohol. We had lots of people there and Hna Hohermuth planned everything really well. It was all about the word of wisdom- hahah ironic right? We learned how to make some really healthy but yummy smoothies and drinks and taste testing everything of course. We all ran around with our straws trying everyone´s drink combos. It was so fun!! 

Okay I love you all! I´m glad your doing well and that mom got home safe from her trip! Vance 
you're a stud. Matt write me. Lauren girl I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, I told my companion all about you today and it just made me miss you, send me pictures!!!! Dad I love you!  

Sorry my letter kind of made my week sound crazy and not so bueno but really I´m doing well. I´m so thankful for my comp. I don´t think I would have made it through some of this stuff if I didn´t have such a good comp. There´s so much hard stuff but we never stop laughing and joking and keeping each other excited about the work.We just have so much fun haha sometimes too much fun! We have good attitudes and are always looking on the bright side. We love Sunchales and the people and one day the church is just going to explode here and its going to be incredible! -our mission president promised this!! I love it here and I am so thankful to heavenly father.

Future Church Building in Sunchales

Ward Family Home Evening learning the Word of Wisdom
and how to make fruit smoothies

                                HAVING MILKSHAKES


                                                                     BLUE TONGUES

                                                           EATING FRIED SQUID

                                                            BIRTHDAY PARTY


                                                      GROCERY SHOPPING

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