m i  querida familia-

Hola como anda todo?? Andamos bien acá!

This week was good! It was really funny hearing from both H. Richey´s mom and you about your phone convo in our emails today hahaha! But how fun that you got to chat a little!
This week was a little weird because I had to travel to Rosario for tramites (visa junk). It ended up being an absolutely pointless trip because I literally did nothing I just stood there and they never called my name so I´m probably going to have to go back soon... ugh. But it was fun to travel back to Rosario and see my old area for a little bit. I really wanted to accidently run into someone I knew or M.... or somthing but I didn´t see anyone. But I got to stay at la casa de la mision which is always fun because it´s so clean and air conditioned and I got to sleep for 8 hours on the collectivo which is always a plus. It would have been more fun if my compañera got to go with me but she ended up going to Rafaela and I went with another hemana who had tramites too. Lame. But I got to check for letters and packages and I got a letter from grandma and one from Hna. Garbin so that was fun! Still awaiting my christmas package...hahah!

One of our investigators, M.... is doing really really well! She couldn´t go to church this week because she was taking care of the Grandma T (she is a live in nurse for her) and the family had an emergencia or something and couldn´t come and give her the morning free but next week for sure! She taught us at a lesson this week how to make cake and then made us ñoqúis on Sunday for lunch! This lady is a straight up saint! When we went after church for lunch she asked us about church and everything and we said it was good and she said that it was only missing her! Awwww! She wants to go so bad! Her baptism date is the 11 of Febraury! It´s amazing because we have been praying for one baptism by the end of the transfer and the 11 is the last day of the transfer!! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!! 

Oh so there´s this weird tradition here where the 29 of every month is like the day of ñoqúis! It´s super random but everyone makes them that day! I am so doing it when I´m back at home!
It´s almost February which means it´s almost Carnival here in Argentina. We went briefly to a carnival type parade thing this week to support two investigators of a part member family. We 
couldn´t stay and watch any dancing because it started late but we got to say hi and see them in their costumes!

This Sunday I had to give a talk ( they still stress me out so much) but it went really well. I spoke on repentence. I found out Friday night I was giving it so it was like double the stress but I prayed a lot hahah and recieved lots of help. I didn´t even write it in English this time and translated it, I wrote it directly in Spanish. I only had to play one song in church this week thanks to H. Richey and Oscar gave us a ride in a taxi with him for the piano. Lots of little tender mercies of the Lord that made my domingo (Sunday)less stressful! OH and familia L....opez (K....'s family) CAME¨TO CHURCH THIS WEEK WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! It was like greatest thing ever! Hna L... got a blessing of comfort and K.... was back and directing the music again and it was just good!
Hey I love you all so much! Thanks for the emails, updates, and love!!

I brag about you guys all the time!

H. Willis

                                                                Carnival Costumes

                                                            Making Noquis(Knochi)

                                                     Little girls putting flowers in my hair!

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