H E Y  FAM! 

So I feel like a TON of stuff happened this week! I don´t even know where to start pero bueno.

Firstly it was a HOT one! One day it got up to like over 114 degrees!!!! WE WERE DYINGGGGG! And with like 100 percent humidity bleh! So needless to say we are eating a ton of ice cream hahah! Summerrrrrrr! I´m so jealous of your cold weather right now. I have been chugging water! Luckily though a storm rolled in today and it cooled off a little but still. Apparently we have until the end of February with this weather and then we´ll have fall. POR FIN!!

What else happened... oh we went to go teach a call back this week but they were with people and were about to leave for campo and couldn´t talk for very long but one of their guests I guess had time to chat us up and he was legit old guy crazy. He looked at my comp and was like ´you´re from Peru´and looked at me and was like ´and you, your from Miami´ and then told my comp that she was probably from three other different countries in South America and that she was latina por lo menos hahah and then he told us that Jesus was an alien and we looked at him like he was the crazy that he was and he was like ´oh you don´t like to hear that do you´and so we left. 

But that certainly wasn´t the weirdest thing to happen to us this week. So it´s been the talk of the town about this lady that killed her husband in self defense like ALL of our investigadores and their dogs have been talking about her. Anywho so we go to an investigator and it turns out that this lady is her husband´s cousin and gives us her direction and tells us that she´s going through a hard time now that she out of prision and stuff and that we should go by and share the word with her. So like the good missionaries we are that got a reference we go in search of her house. Well we find it and it´s suppperrrrr sketchy and all boarded up and we ask this creepy guy that lives behind her house and has a dead llama in his tree. Anywho I guess she went to live with some relatives for a while so we didn´t get to talk to her and we talked with our district leader who said it would probably be good if we didn´t go back. Hahaha and then right after going to look for her we went to go look for some old investigators we found in the area book and we got to their house and apparently the lady we were looking for was dead... because her husband recently killed her and was in jail now!!!! WHAT! Sunchales is going straight up LOCO! WHOA!
In other weirdness like all the little neighborhood kids seem to have older siblings that have crushes on me and it´s a little weird and we sometimes have to leave when they start to get flirty... 
This week was also a little sad and hard. A.. who we have been teaching for the past forever is coming to the end of the lessons. She´s been going to church, reading el LDM, praying, going to all the activities, and inviting her friends along too and everyone in the branch just loves her and she is sooooo special. Well we asked her dad this week again about her babtism and he said no and that the mom who isn´t even apart of these kids lives and lives in Buenos Aires said no because they are catolica. Catolica my butt. It was rough and then we had to explain to A... that we can´t keep coming after we finished the lessons and we all started crying and it was really really really hard. That poor little girl wants to get baptized so badly and go to the temple but she can´t and it hurts so bad. We decided to all fast together and A..... was awesome because it was her first time fasting and she did it! We are praying for a miracle so we´ll see what happens this week. We can only do as much as we can and then it is in the Lord´s hands and his timing and we have to accept that. 
On a better note- we had a great noche de hogar this week! We made stress balls (which I greatly appreciated) and all read and shared parts and what we learned from our reading in the Book of Mormon. C..., O's friend who we are teaching came and that was good. O is doing really good he is passing the sacrament every Sunday like a capo. This week was fast and testimony meeting and C bore his testimony! So that was great! He really progressing but is still weirdly hestitant about baptism. He said he is going to pray about it this week and give us an answer when we see him on Tuesday and O... said he was going to pray about it too hahah. We were in a lesson with them the other day and it was really funny- we asked them about how they could be cleansed of all their sins and O... who totally knows better answers ´marriage´ haha what?! And was totally serious! I started laughing but he was dead serious....aye aye aye! Slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but surely. Paciencia!!!! Jajjaja! OH and in church this week Hna Richey and I played the piano together hahaha I played right hand and she played left and it was pretty good until we got to the sacrament song and no one knew it and I murdered my part but we just all laughed about it in the end. O...s being awesome and gives us a ride in taxi home after church so I only have to carry the piano one way. That´s been super nice! 

Also this week we had zone meeting. And I got my christmas package and was the HAPPIEST MISSIONARY ALIVE!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL MY CARDS AND FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! It was a much needed pick me up!!! AND THE PEANUT BUTTER! AND FIG NEWTON´S AND TOOTSIE ROLLS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! 
Basically I decided that we are not only missionaries here but also super human members. We are focusing our efforts here in the mish in not only baptizing but also equally reactiving and retaining. And in a branch like there is here we end up filling the places of all the members and callings that aren´t here. It´s a little hard some times and I never feel entirely adequte but we try our best. It´s kind of like a crash course sometimes in preparing me for callings I´ll have some day in life hahah! 
I´m super grateful that I´m serving a mission. And that I´m here in this mission. It´s hasn´t been easy hahah and as a missionary somewhere once said ´these weren´t the best two years of my life but they were the best two years for my life´. Hahah! I know that this is the work of the Lord and no it´s not going to be easy but when has being a defender of the truth and a Disciple of Christ ever been easy! I love these people here, my companion, familia Zanni, Argentina, and most importantly el Señor. I´m here for him. His put a lot of trust and responsibility on us as missionaries but he knows we can do it. 
We´re going to see miracles this week- I know it!!

Quote of the day:
´doing family history you recieve support to go up against any adversity´
(sorry I translated that from spanish...)


                                                                Christmas Package
                                                                         Zone Meeting

                                                               Founder of Sunchales
                                                                                                Hna. Richey

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