H e y  FAM-                                                                                                         16 de febrero de 2015

How’s everything going?? How goes the preparation for the big move??
Today we are writing from the house of Hnos Hohermuth because today’s a holiday for some reason and everything is closed.

I was a little disappointed when I opened my mailbox of my email and didn’t see anything for family history! I really really need stories pictures and information, my book is coming along but I’m lacking stories!! Thanks for all your help on this, I know it’s time consuming and you are all really busy! I loved the story about William Haws and Haystack Butte- hahaha!

This week was a little crazy… I’m starting to wonder if any of my weeks are actually normal.
Hermana Richey was sicky sick this week. So we haven’t been working which is tough on both of us. She’s going to the doctor to get things checked out this next week so that will be good!
This week we had a great branch activity! We made masks for carnival at Hnos Hohermuth’s house and lots of investigators came- including O...'s neighbors a cute little family with lots of little girls! I sent photos!

Carnival was this past weekend- and the main event (the big parade) was right outside our apartment (because we live in centro the downtown part of Sunchales). We only got to see a glimpse of it because it starts so late (with the heat and everything it has to start late) but it was fun and there were tons of people! A.. and niños came and found us and ambushed us with the fake canned snow stuff that everyone gets for carnival. We bought some too and probably had too much fun getting them back- hahah!
The branch is doing really good- this Sunday we had three complete families in church!! Family C...and y L... are really making a comeback! Both families are reading in the Book of Mormon and we gave them reading charts and they are diligently filling them out! It’s awesome! F... the father of the C....'s family is blessing the Sacrament again and he is going to baptize his son next week- and his other son is passing the Sacrament now! We are really happy with the progress that is being made in these families- strengthening the branch slowly but surely! The open house of our new chapel is going to be the first week of March- we are all really excited!!
We have a mission conference tomorrow in Santa Fe with one of the Area 70’s so we get to take a little trip which is always fun to see a new city and hear from a 70.
Thanks for the emails and the random Lauren pics! I love them!! Until next Monday!

La Willy

p.s. I hit 7 months in the mish today! Feliz cumplemes a mi! How’s everything going?? How goes the preparation for the big move??

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