H e y  family!

Sorry I´m rushed for writing time today... our time got cut down from an hour and a half to an hour...rough...

This week was good!

We had a big conference in Santa Fe so we traveled for that and got to listen to the area 70 Elder Avila and his wife and the Zanni´s talk. It was awesome... I love conferences! Elder Avila spoke for a grand total of 2 full hours straight and I don´t think it was about anything he had planned to talk about hahah it was really good but really long. It was fun to see other missionaries.
This week was the baptism of Bautista! That was exciting! His dad got to baptize him and it was really special. He couldn´t even start at first because he was so emotional. It was precious. Their family is going through a lot of rough stuff right now but I think his baptism really help bring them closer this week!

We were in a lesson and I was holding the puppy of an investigator and it peed on me. So that was that.

Hey I´ll write you more after siesta...ciber is about to close (so if you want to write me anything or send me anything in the next few hours you cannnnnnn)... LOVE YA!!!!!

Hey mom!!!

UGH sounds like you had a crazy week! Hahah your email was hilarious...goodness why is so much going on!! Sorry it´s been a rough one! I will pray extra for you all! I still haven´t found my debt card yet so yeah go ahead and send me a new one. Thanks for the family history stuff it helped a lot! I´m pretty much certain that you ordering me shoes was you acting on revelation because my shoes are DYING... I´ll try to send you a pic... hahah!  I´m sad to hear grandpa isn´t doing too good though.  Glad the diner is so busy and things are going well- I´ll pray for you to find a cook!! photo of  Cute! that´s so fun that Lauren is taking piano I´m excited to hear how that´s going!! and she´s getting her hair shorter too! Fun! My hair is just getting longer and longer and the water here is nasty bad so it´s been thinning my hair out which is weird but whatever... I decided I´m not getting a hair cut here because everyone that does regrets it hahah... Angie will have a lot to work with when I get back! I love you mom! Thanks for your emails every week and your support. We help so many families that are falling apart or not receiving blessing because they aren´t living the commandments and it´s so nice that I have a good strong solid family back home that I never have to worry about. And that I can remember yeah good solid families do exist hahah! You´re a wonderful example to me and you always do so much! Thank you! Send dad my love too and tell him I want to hear from him!
H. Willis

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