I SURVIVED THIS WEEK! Now I just have to get through the next one... some weeks like nothing is going on but others it´s like I have a million and five things I have to do...ugh. 

This week was stressful for the following reasons:
We had district meeting...which always ends up being a little stressful because we do a ton of practices which is fine whatevs but then we always get a ton of criticism after which is not fine. It´s just way too serious up in there. And we always just end up leaving feeling like crap but whatevs. Anyways this past district meeting was especially bad and then we missed our collectivo to Sunchales because the meeting went over and then we had to cancel all of our good appointments for that day (one of which was a cita with presidente and his reference- wahhhhh) and ended up on collectivo for the next 8 hours or so. Rough. Then we ended up having a big misunderstanding with them and now I have to give a taller (like a lesson) in district meeting next week. We later talked to the capacitadoras who talked with them and anyways it´s better now and they´re nicer and it´s water under the bridge but I still have to give a taller... I decided to do it on the importance of listening should be fun! 
Also stressful was that we had divisions this week. I always stress before for no reason and they end up being good and chill. I got to see Hna. Hickman so that was fun working with my trainer in my area. We found lots of new investigators and it was good. I just feel really accomplished when we´re done with them hahah!

This week was also really great because:
O..   CONFESSED TO SMOKING! Remember how we knew he was smoking but just kept making up excuses for why he wasn´t- well we got him!! We found cigarettes in his trash can and told him that he was smoking and then asked him why and he said he was bored so he smoked. hahahah CONFESSION! Poor guy. We told him we didn´t appreciate that he was lying to us and we talked about it and he just didn´t feel that about it. He has health issues from his strokes and recently it had become more difficult for him to talk and express himself- I felt impressed to promise him that if he would stop smoking he would be able to say and talk as he wanted and that his health would improve again. He thought about it and knew it was true and said he would talk to the branch prez that Sunday. Well we went back to him and found that he had given up smoking for almost over a week and was able to speak with out impediment! Blessings of the Word of Wisdom yo! He´s doing real real good now and is back on track to receiving the higher priesthood and preparing to go to the temple! Whoop! 

Also this week was great because we had the best FHE ever! I don´t know why it was so great it just was. I just felt so close to the branch and we hung out and it was the closest thing I´ve felt on the mission to being at home with the family. We read scriptures together and felt the spirit, we talked, had inside jokes and teased each other, we ate pizza and soda, and played this silly game- it was so simple but so much fun! I didn´t want it to end! I love Sunchales! 

The last thing is it rained BUCKETS here! The streets flooded and on our roundabout way home to Sunchales our bus turned into a boat because there was soooooo much water flooding the route! It was kind of scary but fun! No worries we didn´t get any flooding her but in Santa Fe I guess lots of people had to leave because of all flooding. Crazy! But now the storms are over and it´s super hot again! hahah!

Today we ate ham and cheese empanadas and pizza and watched Legacy for the 700th time.
I found a really good talk that I think you should all read it´s called the Power of Laughter by Gary K. Palmer (p.s. I don´t think he´s even a seventy or anything just a BYU professor but it´s really good! ). I´m just so done with everyone taking themselves so seriously. Hahah! One of my favorite quotes from it is: "A little craziness once in a while perpetuates sanity". :) Also; "Come What May and Love It" -  It is an awesome talk as well by Elder Wirthlin. 
Love you all so much! Thanks for the family history help mom! Talk to you all next week! 
La Willy                      

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