H e y  fam,

Sorry this is going to be reallllyyyy brief this week sorry siesta messed us up big time this p-day... I promise I´ll send photos and tell you more next p-day but for now just the highlights.

It rained like CRAZY on Monday and Tuesday... the streets were flooded and when we went to district meeting in San Cristobal it was like we were walking through a hurricane or something! We used all of our rain gear but for nothing because we got drenched the same! We waded through the streets of KNEE HIGH WATER and it was ridiculous hahah! We got to district meeting and the elders just laughed at us hahah! I was a assigned to give the taller (teach a part of district meeting... sorry i don´t know what the word is in English) and was standing up there soaked to the bone with like three inches of water in my boots- what a mess! But it went well and I felt accomplished after. Then we sat soaked on the two hour bus ride home. Hahaha the adventures continue.

It was A....'s birthday Sunday and she came to church all by herself. So that was cool. Also O.... blessed the Sacrament for the first time and he did it perfectly! I gave a talk and usually I get really stressed but dad´s prayers must be working or something because I felt really calm and even though my talk wasn't as prepared as usual it went really well and I just listened to the spirit.

Okay have to go talk to you more next week! SORRY LOVE YOU!!!! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!


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