Sorry my last letter was so short... our email time got cut down and it´s just really hard to get everything done that we need to in an hour pero bueno.

TODAY IS MY 8 MONTH MARK!! I´ve almost hit my hump day! WIERD!! Happy 8 months to me!!

This week was pretty good. It´s super hot again... it´s like summer´s last hurrah before fall starts and with all the rain that we´ve had the humidity is being ridiculous! And because there´s so much humidity there are TONS of bugs and TONNNSSSS of mosquitos! My legs are destroyed hahah and I´ll be like itching during a lesson and then I´ll look down and I´m like AH cause bleeding everywhere...gross.The other day I killed a mosquito the size (i kid you not) of a QUARTER! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! Winter hurry up and get here! Hahah!

I was a little sicky sicky again this week...ugh. I caught some kind of flu bug and was out for a solid two days almost. I just slept literally the day the first day with eating and then the next day we were able to work a little bit. But I´m good now... it was just weird and we talked to the mission nurse and she was just like it´s flu season so wash your hands more.

Let´s see also this week we had our last district meeting which was really good and our last zone meeting of the transfer. I can´t believe this transfers over already... don´t forget that next monday isn´t pday because of transfer schedules so I´ll be talking to you next Tuesday and you´ll find out where I´m going or if I´m staying!! I kind of have mixed feelings about what´s going to happen it feels very up in the air so we´ll see...

This week we finally got to teach A...!! She´s always on vacation or with company or working or moving or taking care of family and it´s impossible to get a hold of her but we found her new home this week and got to teach her POR FIN! She is like a golden investigator... she has a testimony already that the book of mormon is true and shares it with other family members and she´s just awesome! We taught her and her two kids the plan of salvation and about temples and the work we do in them. She loved it of course and wants to be sealed to her family but we just need to get her boyfriend on board now and get them married! She has a baptismal date now and we are all just really excited for them ( and she also wants to go on the temple trip in april woo!).

Also this week we taught a recently reactivated family familia L..... Usually when we go to teach them we just end up teaching the mom but this time the dad was there and so we could teach them together! He had lots of good questions about tithing and fasting and they were a little confused because they have some jahova´s witnesses that come around some times and so we were able to clear some doctrinal points up and testify of the blessings that come from obedience to the commandments of God. It was a pretty powerful lesson and we commited them to pay their tithing. AND GUESS WHAT THAT SUNDAY THEY ACTUALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was SO exciting becasue so many people we teach are like yeah yeah yeah sure i´ll do it and then never go through with it and never progress and we push and teach and promise them blessings and they just don´t get it and we just get stuck with them but familia L.... really did it!!!!! WOOO!! If I am this happy I can only imagine how happy our heavenly father is for them!!

Also seminary started this week for the first time ever in Sunchales! Currently J... is the only one who goes to seminary BUT we are working with the branch prez to bring all of our investigators around that age or have kids of that age to seminary! Hna Hohermuth is the teacher and it´s held upstairs in the currently under construction chapel. Speaking of which , chapel update: there are three guys who started renovating it last week apparently they travel from Rosario Mondays work straight and live there until Saturday and go home and return the next Monday to do it again... so it´s not going to be done for like another 8 weeks. Bummer. So I probably won´t ever get to attend church there but hey at least they´ll finally have one!

It´s crazy to me that it´s already conference time again!! I´m SO excited!! Conference is probably one of my favorite things ever. AND then it´s May after and I get to talk to you all!!! 

Thanks for all the updates! I throughly enjoy them! Good luck with the move wish I was there to help!! Get to know your new neighbors and then send the missionaries over to them!!!! HEHEH!

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