H E Y  FAM! 

FIRSTLY SHOUT OUT TO ELDER WILLIS AND HIS MISSION CALL!!! WOOHOO!!! Hahah and yeah I might have cried in ciber as I was reading all the emails... so exciting! Do you have a vid of him opening his call?? I´d love to see it!! Tiene su llamamiento Vancers!!! FA! Vamooos español!! 

SOOO this week was transfers! And yup me fui! It was my turn to leave Sunchales. SAD! It was rough. I just felt so at home there and comfortable and had so many people that I just love that of course they take me out. Así es la misión! La Richey was really sick the last two days we were there which gave me lots of time to pack but not lots of time for goodbyes which was real sad. And leaving Hermana Richey was rough.  But I guess it was time for a change and it´s going to be good.I am so thankful for the time I had in Sunchales and the people that I could serve and meet. Hermana Richey is going to train in Sunchales and I´m doing a whitewash with Hermana Hone (from Heber City, Utah- yeah yanqui!) who just finished with her training. Time for some stretching and growing! I´m back in the big city... I´m in Costinera A- we share the barrio with another set of Hermanas. Our area is GORGEOUS. We are right on the river and the big bridge of Santa Fe is in our area and WALMART(!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as a McDonald´s and Subway!).SO the story is that there were Elders in our area before and we are the first hermanas here so that´s kind of exciting! Our apartment is really cool... we live on the third floor and there are lots of windows and we have a balcony and are right next to this HUGE catholic church hahah! I went out on the balcony and studied this morning it was reallllllllll nice. IT is SOOOOO weird not knowing the area or any of the investigators or ANYTHING.Oh and we don´t have like any investigators in the area book and a TON (like a whole book) of old investigators.  PRAY FOR MEEEEEEEEEEE! Last night was our first night here and we went by to see what the church building was like but our stupid key wouldn´t open the gate so we had to jump the gate which lead to my skirt ripping completely out the back....great. We got into the church finally and it is nice it reminds me alot of the the building in Echesortu. I think I was just excited to be in a church building after so many months without hahah! We contacted a little bit last night and it was soooo weird to be out in the city again but I like it. We have ward consel tomorrow which will be good for us to get our bearings. It´s been a crazy couple of days but Heavenly Father has helped me through and I´ve recieved lots of guidance and help. A lot of the time I´m like yeahhhh I have no idea what I´m doing but I don´t really worry because I know that if I just rely on Him and trust in Him and not my own that things are going to be okay.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your love, prayers, and continual support. Have a great week!!! 

La Willy

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