Mission Week 37

H i   family!!
I´ve got to say it´s been a little bit of a weird week. So we got a grand total of one full day of work in last week when Hermana Hone slipped and sprained her ankle. Poor thing!! She had just been telling me that morning how she had been studying patience and hope and then she messes up her ankle and we get house bound for the next four days straight was like heavenly father was like good job studying that principle now go apply it. Rough. Luckily we were pretty good and on top of it as far as icing and keeping her off of it and she got a priesthood blessing from one of the members and the swelling has gone way down and she's able to hobble around pretty well now. Even though we are so new to the area the members have taken really good care of us. There is one couple in the ward that I just love. He is in the bishopric and she is the RS president, they are so humble and Christlike and I always feel the spirit around them. They came to our pench to give her the blessing and it was so special. He gave her a simple but beautiful blessing and there was just a peace that filled us after. His wife had a little bit of a moment. I could feel the love and appreciation she had for him and that he was a worthy priesthood holder and was able to bless the lives of others. I don´t know it was just special and I am so thankful. Then later that week they brought us over lunch and were constantly calling to check up on us. We felt so taken care of and loved. 

We were given permission to go to church that Sunday so that was wayyy good and we were able to get to know the ward and the members a little better. The other hermanas were a big help in introducing us to everyone. I was expecting a bigger ward but we only had about 45 people at church that day. Coolest thing ever though! Remember M.... our baptism and best friend ever in Echesortu? Well his girlfriend who submitted his name as a reference to mormon.org and went to all the discussions with him- her family is in our ward now!!! I get up to introduce myself and I see her and freak out a little and wave hahah! Their family is amazing and they had us over for a delicious dinner that night and it was so much fun getting to know them- they help the missionaries out a lot too! Their mom is traveling to the US next week so I will probably send my letters with her to mail because it will be faster hahah ( they have 2 kids that live there). Any-who- they´re the best and I love them so much already and I think I found Vance a super cute 18 year old Argentine girlfriend :D your welcome. HAHAH. 

Anyways so basically I´ve been putting my cooking skills to the test over the last week and learned that I´ve actually picked up quite a bit after being here in Argentina. I made omelets and really good pasta and chicken sandwiches and I can fry things and yeah it´s pretty impressive....hahah okay kidding but I am getting better and I can feed someone besides my self- Hermana Hone says I´m a great cook okay! hahah! P.S. for all that time we had no DVD player or anything so we were dying of bordom. I guess it gave us lots of time to organize the area book and get things figured out though. We also played some intense indoor frisbee (shootout to elder jones for the frisbee that I finally got to use) and order take out and talk and talked and talked and took advantage of our balcony and cleaned.We feel pretty much settled now. Hahah! 

Well Saturday was the women´s conference right- so we got permission to stay out late and go see it at the stake center (and we of course had to go in taxi because we couldn´t walk with the ankle and everything) well we get there and the other hermanas get there and we wait for like an hour and no one shows up and we later figured out everyone just watched it at home.... lame. So the hermanas leave and we´re waiting for our taxi when I get a phone call from presidente zanni- and I´m like oh shoot because he doesn´t just call for no reason. I answered and he wanted to talk to Hermana Hone. We found out that her Aunt had been killed in a bicycle accident earlier that day. All her family was together so she got to talk all of them. Needless to say she was crushed and these following days I know haven´t been the easiest. We got a lot of ice cream that night and just talked it out. It was interesting because we had just been talking about family members passing while on the mission and it was so ironic because we got the call that night. Hermana Hone is really strong and has been doing well. She doesn´t really know how to feel right now but she is more focused than ever on the work and she keeps telling me how much her testimony has grown of the plan of salvation. It´s like now she has to really believe and rely on what we teach to our investigators. I don´t know- she is just amazing and I am so blessed to have her as my companion. If you could keep her family in your prayers that would be greatly appreciated.

Today was p-day. We were really excited for p-day. We went to WALMART as you all saw and bought peanut butter. Walmart is like exactly the same just everything is in spanish hahah ( go figure). I also bought m and m´s and mentos- YUM! Hermana Hone got to see some of her friends from her district in the MTC which I think was really good for her and now we are going to get back to work to night so we are pretty excited!!

This week wasn´t ideal but I learned a lot and my testimony grew a lot and I think it helped me refocus in some aspects. Life isn´t easy or fair and for that I am so thank for the knowledge I have and the hope that brings. Easter is coming up and I´m so excited. Another time of the year when we can stop and take a while to remember our Savior who has overcome every obstacle for us so that we can return home to our Heavenly Father again. Death has no victory. Romans 8:38 and 39 also John 14:26.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your continual love and support. Take care and talk to you next week!! ENJOY CONFERENCE- I KNOW I WILL (general conference= aka missionary christmas)! HAHA!

Les amo muchísimo! 
Hermana Willis

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