H e y  family!

Happy Easter! 

This week was a little bit slower but it was good. General Conference was definitely the highlight for me! 
This week Hermano Sosa came over with his wife and looked at Hermana Hones foot. And set up for us an appointment for her to go get a x-ray and ultrasound and that she would have to get a boot and that she needed to rest. Shoot. So we went to the hospital and she did all that stuff and we found out that she sprained her ankle and has like to much liquid in a ligament or something in her foot and that it´s just kind of all around messed up. We were bummed. She had to rest it for the next couple of days and do an exercise four times a day for 30 minutes which includes moving her foot around in a bucket of water and rock salt. Weird right? But it´s been helping a ton. And the boot has been awesome. Not only does it make it easier for her to walk but EVERYONE asks us about it and then we can strike up a convo about the gospel and its great. Despite not being able to leave the pench very much this week we used every opportunity we could to share the gospel- whether we were walking to get medicine or  waiting in a hospital or just sitting outside the pench waiting for a taxi (which by the way we've been taking a lot of taxis) we always found someone to talk to and share a card the new church video ´He Lives´. Or we just had all kinds of little finding miracles- like when we were waiting in the waiting room for x-rays and stuff this guy sees that I have a Book of Mormon and asks about it- and of course we are MORE than excited to tell him all about it and we give him a copy and teach him and his wife right there in the waiting room! We just had so many little experiences like this- it was the best and really showed me that we need to try be finding people in every moment that we can And we need to be haha we got here and the area book was like empty...
Needless to say we are pumped for this week. sorry I pushed something on the computer and now I cant use exclamation points and its rough. 
Conference was great. We got to watch it in English, go English rooommm. except when someone spoke in Spanish then we would change it to the Spanish channel. it was really cool hearing elder Zeballos speak because we've met him and his wife and heard him speak so many times. Sorry still lack of exclamation points. Tell you more about my thoughts on stuff next week we are running out of time AND I promise to send you pictures next time...
Thanks for everything. I'm so glad everything is going well with the diner and I'll pray for the everything to go well with the house. I love you all so much!!!
La Willy

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