F i r s t l y ,  I´m so so so so so so so so so soooooooooooooooooo sorry that my email didn't go through last week. And usually I respond little things back to Vance because he can be fast and respond to me... SORRY!!! 

This week was amazing! 

Firstly because we could FINALLY go to work and get out of the pench and we were given permission by the mish nurse that we could go but take it slowly. So the first night we work we go to see one of our investigators named M.... He has been listening to the Elders forever but has never accepted a bautismal date or gone to church and basically they kind of gave up on him progressing. Whilst we'd been inside we had kind of been preparing especially to teach and help him. We finally got to visit him and our lesson with him was incredible- we taught him about the Holy Ghost (he had a really hard time recognizing it) and about baptism. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and Hermana Hone and I felt so united in our teaching (p.s. you would never know she just got out of training because her spanish is like already amazing and she´s just awesome!). Anyways we got to a point in the lesson when we invited him again to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it was true and invited him to be baptized. He thought about it for a minute and then said that that was the first thing the elders that first taught him and that maybe he wasn't ready to get an answer then and that he thought he would now because his heart is more open now. He accepted a bautismal date and said he would read and pray. We called him the Saturday to invite him to church and he said he would go! And that he read the chapter we left him and that he had stuff to tell us!! We were stoked to say the least!!! HE IS KEEPING HIS COMMITMENTS!!!!! YEAH! He didn't end up coming to church this week but we think once we get some members up in there won´t be a problem! It was just the best night ever because like after all those long boring days in the pench we went to work and saw miracles! I love working and talking to people and being out there and teaching and feeling the spirit teach these people and testify what you are saying is true! UGH- being a missionary is the BEST!

Also we learned this week that our chapel is the first one that was EVER built in Argentina. I feel pretty cool. 

Also this week we went on a little bit of an adventure to find the golden family that the elders had been teaching. So we found in our carpeta de area that there is this familia r.... that the elders had been teaching and had taught all the lessons and gone to church multiple times and were just so ready to be baptized-but of course thanks to being elders they didn't give us their exact direction or anything about them other than the fact that some of them don´t know how to read and that they are super poor. Also none of the members knew where they lived and these people don´t own a phone. Great.  And for their address they just had in between la ruta y la guardia- so la ruta is the hiway and la guardia is a little town that isn´t in our area. Well in that space in the middle is nothing just brush and trees and countryside (aka campo). So we had gone earlier and tried to find them before but ended up in some other elders area (but hey we got a ton of references for them when we were over there hahah so it wasn't totally in vain). This time we knew not to go so far and we had to basically just walk down the highway and every time we saw a trail of the highway we followed it to what ever little shack it lead to and asked for familia R.... It took awhile and we meet a lot of interesting people... but finally we found them in this little villa community out in the middle of nowhere. Like there are no streets or anything you are just hiking out in the wilderness of the highway. So we found them and taught them and programmed the brother and sister to be bautized. They are both in their late 20s and she is learning how to read and so is he. I don´t know they just had a special spirit about them and they want so much to change their lives- they are going to school and she wants to be a nurse some day and they are amazing and goal oriented. So they will be getting baptized this next week!!! After the trial comes the miracle!! The only problem is that its a little dangerous to go visit them but whatevs. :D We haven´t been robbed yet and we've been in Santa Fe almost four weeks- accomplishments!- everyone gets robbed here.

Let´s see- in other news we had a really good zone meeting! I really like my zone here and my district- it´s really fun being so close to other missionaries again! We have zone conf this week with Presidente Zanni and interviews so that should be fun! We are all secretly wondering if these interviews will determine which mission we end up in.

The ward is actually really small here but close knit. Lots of great families! BUT they don´t have a pianist...so guess who´s playing in renion sacramental....me. HAHA the curse.

Hermana Hone is doing real good with her boot. But she hates it hahah. And her foot gets hugely swollen and in pain if we walk to much so we´ll still be taking it a little slower this week so she can heal. She has a sprain we learned from the x-rays and just a messed foot haha. Poor thing. It´s killing us but we are learning a lot of patience and we have become really close through all of this stuff. Also we can rap in Spanish and it´s impressive. For me one of the best parts of the mission has been my comps. 

Well I think that´s about it for this week! Sorry again for the scare! I love you all so much and I´m so happy that everything went well in the house- I was fasting and praying for that! Hope you get my letters soon! Congrats to Vance for asking that girl to prom! Have fun and dance it out! 


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