Thanks for all your emails this week! Again so happy that you got the letters I sent! I don´t know if I told you already but Hermana Sosa from the ward here was going to the states to visit family and was was so sweet to send those letters for me! 

Update on some of our investigators- 

M... is doing really well. He is reading all the home works from the Book of Mormon that we give him and is praying and asking to know if these things are true! A lot of our lessons lately have been about recognizing the spirit and its like crazy because he is being so blessed and knows it and he even said the other day that he doesn´t understand why it just hasn´t gotten through his thick head! Haha yeah we don´t either but little by little. He had to vote on Sunday (that´s apparently a legit excuse here) and had some other previous commitment and couldn´t come to church but we have a ward fhe every week and we think he´ll be coming to that and he sounded really bummed that he couldn´t go to church this week so we´ll see what happens! The Lord is working with this guy! OH we also found out that he is trying to quit smoking so we stole this great idea from our zone leaders to cover a cigarette box in photos of Christ and then put little scriptures of encouragement inside rolled up to look like cigarettes. He and his wife loved it! haha!

La familia R.... didn´t come to church this week and it was a major bummer because we visited them Saturday night and reprogrammed them and got them all ready for their interview and they didn´t come! jslkajfksjdfkljsfakljas! (that´s about how I felt) Last time they said they couldn´t come because they are superrrrrrrrr poor and didn´t have a clock so had to ask their neighbors for the time and they just never know the time so I gave them my watch and still they didn´t come. A member even drove out to pick them up but for nothing. SAD. We were frustrated to say the least...

Also Hermana Hone and I decided that our area is super dangerous and wonder why hermanas were put here let alone us! HAhahah! The other day we went by an investigator and she was like yeah last time you try to come by my neighbor told me that as soon as you left that the guys that robbed came by right after. SCARY. God is protecting us no worries. That and whenever we don´t feel safe Hermana Hone finds a big stick and we figure between how tall she is, the boot, and the stick that people would be pretty scared to approach us. HAhahah!

Oh so we went to read the Book of Mormon with an hermana  that just recently started going back to church. Well this time she had her grandson with her. I thought oh what a cute little boy. I WAS WRONG. I gave him my pen to draw on a paper during the lesson and he destroyed it and then would find scissors and run with them and then would throw things at us and then the WORST was during the prayer he came up and started pulling my hair out!! Not just like a tug on my hair but was literally pulling my hairs out of my head. It was extremely painful and then I grabbed his hands to stop him and he hit me. Not one of our most enriching lessons. I´m not ready for motherhood. 

Speaking of motherhood- we had interviews with president and a mini conference with him. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong. In my interview he basically asked what I wanted to talk about and I asked about what I could do better and we came to the conclusion that I need to have more confidence in the spirit and always follow the impressions that I receive. And that I don´t have to worry because he will guide me. It was really good and then he talked about how confidence is an attribute that I as a mother will need to have and that over these next 9 months I need to develop the attributes that I will need to be a good mother and he basically told me that a year and a half after my mission I will need them. GULP. And then Miranda keeps sending me cute Sammers videos and I just feel old and weird and so not prepared for life. I am thankful a million billion times over that I have life prep aka la mision. 

Today we had pday especial and it was SO much fun. Our zone just went and hung out at the stake center and ate burgers and played sports and it was THE BEST because I haven´t played sports in ages and I miss activities and normality. We played basketball and basically everyone asked if I played for a team or in high school and I was just like I am so excited to play Vance and Matt when I get home! hahaha! And Hermana Hone´s a baller so it was a blast. We wore matching wolf shirts and bro socks and it was great. 

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have an amazing day and get lots of weird Nike socks and eat lots of frosting for me! I LOVE YOU! 

Sorry don´t have time to send photos this week....dang it cause I have good photos. But I will next week! I LOVE YOU ALL TAKE CARE AND  HABLAMOS EL LUNES QUE VIENE!

Hermana Willis

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