H E Y   FAM. 

I don´t even know where to start this week because I feel like there´s so much to tell so here we go! 
Okay firstly I had tramites this week- so impromptu trip to Rosario! Hermana Hone and I really really wanted to go together but another hermana in my district had to go to so we were on divisions. Going to tramites is only exciting and fun because there is always the chance that you might see some of your friends from the mission and you get to sleep in the mission home and eat lots of good food and shower in a real life shower, etc. So I got there and we ate really really really good pizza and I showered and things were pretty good. We got to bed and there was a knock on the door and who shows up but HERMANA KNAPP! It was the best. It was so fun to see each other after basically 8 months now. She is doing so well and we´ve just both come so far in these past months. AH I love her! To make everything even better- when I went to look and see if we had any mail in the office I found that MY PACKAGE HAD COME!!!! I was freaking out. OKAY. Firstly the SHOES. THEY ARE PERFECT AND I AM NO LONGER WALKING ON SIDE WALK WITH A LITTLE BIT OF SHOE SEPARATING MY FEET FROM THE GROUND- THEY LIKE ACTUALLY HAVE SUPPORT AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And they are just some good looking American shoes. I love them. Thank you thank yo thank yooooouuuuuu! Also the photo book is perfect and I show everyone I come in contact with-and vancers ´murican photo was.... amazing. I might have cried red white and blue tears. USA. ALSO my Sequim High school Basketball beanie is my fave- I freaked when I saw it and Hermana Hone says if I don´t wear it out working that she will haha! But really good job on those they turned out great! We successfully ate all of the candy in like two days and I was in heaven. ALSO whoever thought to include the mac and cheese deserves like the noble peace prize or something. I had a moment. And one day when we were poor and didn´t have anything for lunch we ate it and it was perfect. Hand warmers are also going to be perfect and thank you so much for my  handwritten letters and all the love. You guys are the best. It was just so good! Anywho tramites was the best and the best part was coming home to hermana hone and we ran to each other and were both just like I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! Basically I decided that I don´t need another comp. Ever. Hahah!

In worldly news... I guess two volcanoes are erupting right now in Chile. So we are seeing a little fallout from it just the sky is different colored and we´ve got some weird smoggy clouds but that's about it. I also learned that there are 90 active volcanoes in Chile so wish us luck! hahah. Oh yeah also remember how I thought I would be immune from shots for the rest of my life? Tis not so!! We are getting flu shots in our district meeting on Tuesday. NO we are not going to a doctors office we are going to district meeting at our church building and Hermana Pacanchique the newly called mission nurse is going to give us the shots. Not that I doubt the medical education of pancanchique or anything but she is just a missionary like me and only recently did i learn she studied meds before the mission and i am not racist nor do i doubt that Peru or wherever has a good education system but i am FREAKING OUT. Basically i am just imagining us going up in the chapel one by one in front of everyone and getting stabbed with sketch needles. Okay that´s ridiculous but I don´t like shots. We even called Hermana Zanni to see if we could get out of it and she told us like that all the missionaries in the world were being advised to get it because it protects against this deadly flu that kills and that if we want she would go with us and feed us a carmello when we finished... we just laughed at that but I´m pretty sure Hermana Hone is making brownies for us to feel better after. UGH. I don´t like shots. 

In other news- according to Hermana Hone I´ve been sleep talking lately! Apparently one night I was praying in my sleep really loudly in spanish. Yes I have started sleep talking in Spanish. And then last night she turned the fan on and I guess I sat up and yelled  ES DEMASIADO FUERTE which means like that it was too strong and that she needed to turn it down hahah she was a little freaked out but I was like woah Spanish sleep talking is a think. The things you have to look forward to Vance. 
We had a super cool experience this week. After last Sunday when Si..... and M..... didn´t come to church we were feeling really down and just confused because we had felt the spirit so strongly with them and that they were so ready to be baptized. And then all of a sudden everyone (district leader, ward counsel, ward members, other missionaries) was telling us that they weren´t worth it that they weren´t going to progress. Usually I take counsel pretty well but this time I could not. I felt the spirit so strongly when I was with them and I didn´t really know why I was being so stubborn but I felt like everyone was just judging them because of their circumstances and I don´t know why but I was so on their side. Hermana Hone and I were talking about it in comp study one day when we got the impression that we needed to go visit them right in that moment. It was crazy to be sure because they live way the heck out there and we had other plans and things to do but we felt the spirit so strongly in that moment that we just had to drop ever thing and go to them. I thought about my recent interview with presidente zanni about always following the spirit so we took off. Right as we got to the bus stop it got there- which is like unheard of- we are usually waiting for like 20 minutes but right as we got there it was there waiting...perfect right? Then we got to el pozo  (which i learned means pit...) in record time and were walking along the highway when we saw two people coming towards us. I was like oh my goodness what if that's them. And my comp is like no way and turns it IT WAS THEM walking towards us! Woah! We knew so strongly in that moment that was exactly where we were supposed to be. They were on their way to school ( they go to a basic school to learn how to read and write, etc.) Anyways we walked with them to school and asked what happened on Sunday and they said that they went to the spot that the member was supposed to be but he never showed so they waited for an hour  and were really disappointed that they didn´t get to go and were so excited for their baptisms and that S.... had decided that for sure for sure that she needed and wanted to be baptized!!! WHAT! WHEN IN DOUBT ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SPIRIT!! We went with Hermano Sosa to pick them up this Sunday and they came and loved everything and got to get to know some members better and are getting a lot of help and advise from them to improve their standards of living and its just amazing the change that is taking place in these people and their lives. I have such a strong testimony that these people are so important to heavenly father and felt so strongly that he was saying to me it doesn´t matter what these people say or if all the odds are against it or if yeah its a huge hassel for you and you have to go completely out of your way and convenience- these are my children. You go and get them and bring them back to me. I don´t know it has just been incredible getting to know Si..... and M..... and being here in Costanera. I used to wonder why we were here in this dangerous crazy area but Hermana Hone and I decided probably because we were the only Hermanas crazy enough to do the things we do hahah! They will be getting baptised this Thursday if all goes good with their interviews! Such a good week!

Also this week we were attacked by dogs. We were walking down the street ( a safe city street, in broad daylight) when this dog started following us and barking at us. We thought it was nothing cause that happens all the time and then there were like four more dogs and we tried to cross the street when one latched on to Hermana Hones skirt and then another one and she yelled RUN.  We took off running with the dogs close behind and I saw and open door to a house and ran in yelling HELP and I was like Oh crap Spanish right AYUDA! They let us hide there for a second and we might have scared them a little but luckily besides Hermana hones tattered skirt we were fine. A little scared of dogs now but fine. Hahaha crazy. Then later that night we had to cross the via to avoid the same dogs ( the via is where the train passes and its a little dangerous but there were dogs so it was worth it) anywho we heard lots of people get robbed over their so we were like we´ll act like we are crazy so no one will rob us! It was actually a great idea because there were people hiding in the tall grass and making noises at us and as soon as we heard them we ran away as fast as we could... crazy! 
On a calmer note we cleaned the chapel this week. Also M.... prayed that  he would never leave that church after he was baptized and that he and Hermana Willis could take a picture together hahahah! 

Thanks so much again for the package and the photos of the new house! I´ll send photos in the afternoon! I love you all so much! Don´t for get transfers is this next week so we´ll talk next TUESDAY instead of Monday! AND MOTHER´S DAY IS THE 10 AND WE´LL GET TO SKYPE!!! AHHHHH!
Les amo un monton!!!!!!
Hermana Willis

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