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So great news! I´m here to stay in La Costanera with Hermana Hone!!! We were so happy when we found out!! Woo hoo! Also good news- Hermana Richey is coming to my zone!! So I´ll get to see her whenever we have zone meetings or special pdays! 

This week was busy enough! Firstly we had the bautismal interviews of M... y S..... They went really well and they did a great job- but due to some problems M...... had to get an interview with Presidente Zanni´s counselor.(one of the reasons being he killed someone in self defense and the other that he has some strange beliefs from is old life about this saint called san la muerte which is basically worshiping the grim reaper and the devil and you can pray to it and have it kill your enemies...cool. So we had NO idea and had to get some things cleared up and now he says that he will never worship it again and now sees that it was God that was helping him all along not this creepy card with a skeleton on it and now he says that he can recognize that and that is faith now is in Cristo and not in san la muerte- GOOD! and then he gave me his creepy card that he prayed to for the past 15 years...hey at least its far from him and now i have a story to tell people hahah). His interview with the counselor went really well but he told us that his baptism will have to wait a little while because he has to talk to prez zanni who has to talk to the area 70...woah.So for now he will just have to keep on learning and pretending he´s a member until he can get the go to be baptized. But anyways S.... is ready and excited and going to get baptized this Friday!! YEAH! The members have been just amazing with her. We had a Talent Show Night Activity this week that we put on and they just took her under their wing and are doing everything they can to help her- like donating clothes and so on. She is really excited for Friday!!

The talent show went really well and was super fun! We had three investigatores there and everyone participated and there was a great turn out! Hermana Hone and I did our rap- we made that when we were stuck in the pench for a million days and basically its about our missions and costanera and our district hahah! 
For you to know more or less the words in english (ps you should try to put it on the blog :) ):

I am called the willy
and my name is the Hone
and we are going to rap about our missions

We arrived in costanera 5 weeks ago
and even though we had the boot we are still better than Mayoraz. ( the zone leaders area aka the zone leaders hahah)

The area book was a disaster and we got lost a lot
but now we know where santa fe norte is (the zone right next to us- because we got lost our first pday and acciendently went there) and rincon (the area of the district leader- where we accidentely went looking for familia ramierez). 

We are sharing the gospel with everyone
so that they can know really who we are

We are the missionaries of the costanera 
A-A-A-A (because that´s our area costanera A and the other hermanas are B)
We´re going to convert everyone
We are the missionaries of the costanera 
And we´re going to baptized everyone 

(and then we talk about everyone in our district)
We have the assistents and of course they´re studs
Hermanas Levitt and Ojeda who are making bank
And the kings of the district are elders robles and cañadas (DL)
And we have a suggestion- MAKE US EMPANADAS!

he is name is presidente
and he is our boss
we wants that we always have the end on our minds


Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon, the fall of Adam
The plan of happiness, we hope they are already married ( haha because no one is married here....they just live together )
the life of jesus christ and his atonement 
and what do we need to do to recieve this blessing?
and if we do all this we are going to know who are to god
this is our message
our part
and lesson 


Anyways yeah that´s the rap! It´s super dorky but EVERYONE now has SOMOS LAS MISIONERAS DE LA COSTANERA stuck in their head and all the missionaries and members sing it to us hahahah! 
We also sang "God be with you till we meet again" because it was hermana ojeda´s last transfer and she is on her way back to peru right now :( I played the piano for that. 
Then hermana hone taught everyone to make brownies (I will include a ton of photos when I get back on later)- the RS did a skit and the bishops daughter played the piano and that´s all I can remember right now but it went really really well!!! and the bishops fam made pizza for everyone and we ate brownines and it was great!!! I love the ward here!

OH also I had to get a SHOT this week. :( We get a call from our district leader that we have to get FLU SHOTS and I´m just like NO I´ve never gotten a flu shot and no wayyyyy in heck am I going to get one now here in argentina by the mission nurse (who is a missionary just like me) in front of our whole zone in the church building NO NO NO not happening and Hermana Hone didn´t want one either so we called hermana zanni and she told us that they were pretty much required becuase it was for a deathly flu and that all the missionaries in the world had to get them and that if we wanted we could go to rosario with her to get them and she would hold us and give us a candy after...we all had a good laugh and said that wasn´t neCESssary and pulled up our big girl pants and did it. It was super painful and she stuck the entire needle in my arm and i have pictures and my arm hurts but whatevs i won´t get the stinkin flu. Hermana hone cried a little but the whole zone was like cheering her on and we got through it. I don´t know if it´s a weirdo symtom but my eye is swollen now....hahah luckily though we now have the nurse in our ward and district! probs because hermana hone and i have a super dangerous area and are always getting hurt hahahah! For example last night their was a HUGE demonstration for the birthday of Colon the team of santa fe (aka my team as well) well we didn´t know about it and their were TONS of people and police marching down the main road (which we always walk because it´s safe) and we were walking M.... and S.... back to the bridge so they could go home.... any who someone had a gun and we almost got shot BUT DIDN´T and anyways we went straight home for the night (it was like only 7 too). Scary. So thanks for your prayers of safety!!!!!!!!!! Haha in Presidente Zanni´s email to the mission this week he told everyone to pray for the Hermanas of the mission and their safety and hermana hone and i thought that was pretty much directed at us hahaha our area is SO dangerous but we love where we are and the people we are finding and meeting and teaching! I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else!!!!
Oh yeah we also had divisions this week.I had to leave hone and go to parana and it wasn´t my fave. 
I CAN´T WAIT TO TALK TO YOU SUNDAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I get back on we´ll get all the deats figured out!!!! Hermana Hone is so excited to meet you all too!!!
I love you so much! Talk to you soon! Take care!!!

Hermana Willis

p.s. Vance it looks like you had a blast at prom!!! You and you´re date looked perfect!! And the story about Alex Berry hahah I died!  You two are both so old looking!!! AHHHH I can´t believe you´re graduating NEXT MONTH!!!!! GOOD JOB and congrats on all your accomplishments I am so proud of you and brag about you to EVERYONE here hahah! 

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