H e y  fam!

Tanto tiempo!!!! Aye! It was sooooo good to talk to you all yesterday! I don´t think I knew how much I missed you until I saw your faces and got to hear your voices! Ugh it was so good!! "Hermina" Hone loves you guys too and can´t wait to visit us in Sequim ;) hahah (dad you´re the best)!
This week was a little crazy (to say the least). It´s pretty much a thing that all baptsims are tabooed in our mission- something crazy always goes down. We had been letting members know about our baptism for some time and the night before we went and visited member and investigators alike and made calls and everything and were expecting quite a turn out and had prepared for this day like crazy. Well we got to the day and NO ONE showed up. The hermano that S..... asked to baptize her came and his cute little fam and one person from another ward and another young girl from our ward showed up but that´s it!! Not even the bishop! We were shocked! We completely had to change the program at the last minute and we had to call our zone leaders last minute to come and be the witnesses ( they kind of saved the day). It was STRESSFUL and it almost didn´t happen- there were lots of prayers and tears and when S.... finally got in the font Hermana Hone and I just hugged each other like the girls we are and cried fat tears of joy. I had a really special moment alone with S....- I was helping her blow dry her hair and she was shivering cold and I asked her how she felt and she just said different and had a huge adorable smile on her face. You could just tell she was so happy. It reminded me of my baptism when mom was drying my hair and I couldn´t stop shivering and I didn´t know if it was from being cold or from being so happy. After that hermana Hone and sang "brightly beams" (brillan rayos) acapella- and we all felt the spirit so strongly. It didn´t matter if no one came or if it wasn´t perfectly how we had planned it all out- it happened and the spirit told us it was right and what heavenly father wanted. Then after we went to grido (as mission tradition permits) and just celebrated getting through such a stressful hard week. But then the next two days were awesome because it was stake conf and C....came and meet lots of young people to be friends with and confrence was amazing and we got to listen to so many inspired messages and presidente and hermana zanni spoke and it was beautiful. Hermana zanni talked about the condensention of christ and how we have to condensend like him to the level of others to help, teach,and love them (i.e. investigators, our children, less active members, ect.). And then presidente zanni talked about our heavenly mother and how all of us have a cradle waiting for us in heaven- that everyone we come in contact with is our brother or sister and have a place waiting for them there too. He compared it to our moms waiting for her kids to come home from the mission. We have all been sent to earth with a mission and our parents (heavenly parents) are waiting for us and longing for us to return back to them. Then he asked how the mothers would feel if their child died in the mission field and didn´t return- well that´s how our heavenly parents feel when someone doesn´t make it- that same pain and devestation. I don´t know it was a good analogy and helped me to remember really how important every single person is. I learn that a little more every day on my mission and especially in this time with S....- so many people were judging her and saying they weren´t worth it and now she is clean of her sins and has this special bond with her heavenly father and is well on her way back to home. It was a great conf. and then we sang familias pueden ser eternas and we all had a good cry and then I talked to you guys that night (I hope this helps explain all the water works hahah). 
Today I went to Walmart and bought a Snickers bar. It was a good day.
I love you all so much!! I hope you had a beautiful mother´s day mom! I am really bummed I couldn´t make you breakfast in bed this year! And stop working so hard both of you (MOM AND DAD) you´ll kill yourselves! Drink your mate cocido for me and take a siesta! I love you!!!
H. Willy

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