B u e n   día mi familia! 

How´s it going! Everything with the house sounds really exciting and like you are doing a lot of work on it! It´s going to be absolutely lovely when it´s done- can´t wait to see it when it´s all done! Keep sending photos updates! 

Well it was a weird one this week. The week started normal and Tuesday we had zone meeting and I started feeling a little sicky during it and I told the nurse who told me to take it easy for the night. Well I developed a fever and I just had a ton of junk in my nose and throat and by the next day I was basically dying. We went to a local doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotics after listening to my lungs and then I called my best friend and personal doctor Hermano Sosa who also came and checked me out and come to find out I have bronchitis. Again. BLEHHHHHH. (I had to take out money this week to cover medically bills....sorry!!) So basically I just did a lot of being sick and laying in bed and drinking liquids and coughing. Stupid lungs. Well after talking to Hermana Zanni and not getting much better- we both thought it was a good idea for me to get this shot that is supposed to help alot. So I go to the pharmacy and buy the stupid shot and hermano sosa comes over with his daughter to give it to me... and I´m just thinking yeah it won´t be that bad like I just got a flu shot two weeks ago how bad can another shot be?? Well turns out the shot was too big (because the needle itself was like three inches long!!!!!WHAT!) to put in my arm so I found out that I would have to get it in my bottom. I thought it was a joke at first...it wasn´t. After a lot of freaking out and a little bit of crying I just manned up and dropped em and squeezed the life out of poor hermana hone´s hand. It hurt. Bad. But whatevs I´m better now and can breathe and am functioning again so I´m happy. Just no more butt shots. 

Well besides all that excitement and being stuck in the pench for the majority of the week, it was also the dedication of the temple in Cordoba this past Sunday! We got to watch it in the stake center and had the chance to go to all three of the sessions! My first dedication in Spanish!! It was great! President Uchdorf gave the dedicatory prayer and had a good translator and Elder Christofferson has amazing Spanish and did a good job directing everything. It was also cool because we got to see our area 70s speak that we know. It was really special Sunday. The best part was President Uchdorf´s commentary because no one could understand him but us English speakers and at one point as they are doing the cornerstone he´s just like ´get over here Todd and help me´ speaking to Elder Christofferson hahaha! And he also spoke some Spanish at the beginning and ending of his talks- it was really cool! We all feel really blessed having another temple here in Argentina, especially so close to us here in Santa Fe. 

Oh then a member in the ward who has lots of less actives in her fam that we are working with invited us over for a birthday party feast that night after. I was feeling a lot better and it was a nice way to end the week. We got to know her beautiful family a little more and we got to present a little musical program hahah ps I sing great when I´m sick.ugh. 
Anyways sorry it was kind of a slow one this week. I am back and healthy again though thankfully!! I think it´s just the change in the weather that got to me or something...oh yeah and our broken window is getting fixed so that way the cold air won´t be able to get in at night and get us sick so that´s good hahah. Enjoy the pictures hahahahah! You know I just had to document it! Love you!

Hermana Willis 

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