H e y  family!

Firstly Happy Anniversary!! 23 years! Thank you for the your beautiful examples of love, loyalty, and unity with the the Lord. Hope you have a good time at the temple! Relax and just celebrate your love!!!! And Hermana Hone sends her love too hahahah! 

Thank you for all your photos!! How exciting! The house looks sooo good! And Vancers mish pics ahhhh!!!! Glad you´re liking the new ward! Sounds like lots of good changes are happening! Sorry nothing has really seemed to slow down... things this week have been pretty crazy for me too haha but I guess that´s just life, we just take it a day at a time and put our trust in the Lord!

Today I am writting from our ward building because it´s a holiday here and nothing is open and so we are down here with the other hermanas writing and watching mormon messages together- it´s pretty great! 

Cool story from this week! We went over to visit the familia C.... this past week because the hermana has been sick with brochitis as well and we got talking and she told us that this young man that was inactive had seen our rap on facebook and started talking to the hermana about the church and they had a super spiritual convo and now has a desire to return to church. We thought that was pretty cool. Our rap is taking the world by storm and converting the nations hahah! Okay maybe not but we thought that was a cool expirence!

This week we also found this cool less active member L...... The first week we were here in the Costanera we tried to look for her but when we went to the house we thought was her´s someone came to the window and told us she lived on another block. We went another block but couldn´t find her house. So time passed and we decided to go look for her. It was dark and we didn´t realize we went to the same house again. But we met L.....and she let us in and we found she served a mission and everything and was trying to go back to church- she had tried to go last sunday but it was the dedication so everything was closed. So at the end of the lesson she tells us that it was her last time that came to the door and told us that she lived another block down! We were just like oh my goodness hermana no!! hahah! Hey at least she was being honest. She told us it was a trick she learned on the mish... oh menos activos. 

Also this week I got to hold a spanish book of mormon from 1929. This member got it from this man who had been investigating the church in the forties. He was about to die and knew his neighbors were mormon and gave it to her because he knew his familiy was going to throw it out. along with it were old letters from his missionaries in the forties with some of their proseliting stories about handing out pamplets and learning spanish. It was really cool. 

Also the new temple president in Cordoba used to be in a weird band in the 70s or 60s called Los Nobles with an hermano that is in our ward and this same hermana has a picture of them and they have long hair and weird puffy shirts and its hilarous. Now he´s a temple prez hahahah! Que cosas!
We started teaching English (which sometimes means just translating Elvis songs hahah)  to a less active named D..... It´s been really fun for us and we are getting to know this family a lot and this service has given us lots of opportunities to teach him. Also we might help them knock out the walls in their kitchen woot! 

This Sunday was really really really stressful. S..... was supposed to get the holy ghost this sunday si o si. So we went to our meeting spot sunday morning and they weren´t there so we went out to campo to get them. They weren´t going to go because their brother was seriously sick and they had to take care of him but we got them to go because we told them she had to get it today. Sooo we show up late to the meeting because of all of these things we weren´t anticipating and we are like looking at the bishop but he just annonces the closing song and prayer and says nothing about her getting confirmed. I just about lose it because our mission president said she had to be confirmed that day. But the bishop is like no next week. So hermana hone and i are super frustrated and go outside and call our zone leaders and they make some calls and we just like break down a little bit. Anyways by the end of the meeting we find that she just has to wait till next week so whatever its fine. So after the bishop calls us into his office to clear up everything and it´s fine but we didn´t get the chance to take the sacrament so I ask him if we can take it and I just break down. Ugh. It was just a really long hard week, a really really stressful morning, we hadn´t taken the santa cena in 3 weeks because of confrences and the dedication and everything, and it all just kind of hit me. Hahahaha oh goodness. So the bishop just sat me down and he´s like would you like a blessing and I´m just like yes please. And then Hermana Hone got one too and we felt a whole let better after and he just told us that we were doing really good work and that we didn´t need to worry so much that we were doing all that we could and that was enough and that he could see how much we were doing and sacrificing. We have a really good bishop and we are recieving a lot  of help from him. I felt like I was getting counsel and a blessing from my dad or something- the only other time that I´ve had that feeling on the mish is sometimes with my mission president. It was just really good.  We all got to take the sacrament and it was all good and we left feeling good and edified and she´ll just get confirmed next Sunday no biggy. Sunday morning stress though.

Cool expirence- the other pday we were at the super market buying food and we didn´t bring enough money. We start to put some things back at the cash register and this lady behind us comes up with her daughter and hands the cashier 100 pesos to cover the rest of our food. We turn to the lady in shock and tell her that it was okay but she insisted. We hugged them and gave them a pamplet I think and thanked them over and over. It was just so nice! These people were so sweet and weren´t members but saw someone in need and gave us a little money to help us out. I loved this womans example of Christlike service. I want to be more like that. Moroni 7:47-48. Find a brother or sister to love and serve this week!!

We are doing good and are happy here in the Costanera! We´re looking for new people to teach and seeing miracles daily! I love the Lord and sharing my testimony everyday and trying to help my brothers and sisters return back to our Heavenly Father. I know this is the truth! I love you fam bam!! Take care!!! LOVE YOU!
H. Willis

sorry not so many photos this week!

This is it... The video you've all been waiting for.......
The HermanaRAP...

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