Mission Week 46

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Hope you are all doing really well!! Sounds like you´re talks were really really good (and mom I´m positive that yours was not long and boring at all!!! It was probably amazing! I´m sad I was not there to hear it! ) and Dad I´m happy that you don´t have to speak at seminary graduation and Vance is under the bus hahaha! Poor kid. Two speeches for graduation hahah! (and two farewell talks! I don´t know how he does it) From the looks of the pictures the house is looking amazing! Mom did an amazing job decorating as always and it looks so good!! Good job family all the hard work paid off! I can´t believe Lauren will be starting middle school next year and will be in Young Women's when I get home... that´s just crazy and I don´t know if I am yet capable of excepting it hahah. Lauren is my baby that sleeps in my bed and we go to the park and have girls day. WHAT is this!! Also Matt is going into tenth grade and getting his permit soon and that´s insane. Stop growing up and changing all of you! I on the other hand feel like my life is on a permanent standby. Everyone thinks I´m 18 ....they think Hermana Hone is like 20- she says its because of her height....
This week was good. We had divisions with the Sister Training Leaders and it was good except for that I lost my agenda and now I am using my agenda from the MTC and it´s in English and it´s weird. I didn´t like being separated from Hermana Hone though...it was like the longest 24 hours of my life. Transfers are going to be rough- pray we stay togetherrrrrrrr!!!!
This Sunday was probably the best day of my whole life. So the ward council (which p.s. was great this week because we had been teaching this less active named d.... not thinking so much of it- we teach him English too- and the bishop informed us that until this point he wanted nothing to do with the church and now he is reading the book of Mormon and he even waved to the bishop when he saw him in the street the other day!) helped us arrange a ride for S.... so we didn´t have to go all the way to el pozo to search for them. So we were just able to walk to church tranquilo and I was able to play prelude and everything and it was great!! And then they all showed up okay to church and S.... finally got the Holy Ghost! Also a TON of people showed up that Sunday- lots of less actives that we have been teaching! Hone and I were freaking out a little. Usually our attendance is like 34ish but this Sunday it was 50!!!! I don´t know it was just so good to see that something good was coming from all our efforts. I just felt very humbled and it was just so incredible to be able to see all of these people that we love finally be able to come to church and participate in the sacrament. I really really love the people here. 
Well then we get a call from Prez this week that M..... has a follow up interview with him. So today we went and brought them from el pozo to the stake center (at the same time we were having the pday de las hermanas- a special pday where all the hermanas from the santa fe half- the northern half- of the mish got together and listened to some spiritual messages and ate lunch and then we learned self defense from hermana fairbanks who is a blackbelt and the mission nurse and we got to practice taking down our companions and it was really fun. Then we played some games and ended the day playing futbol- senior comps against junior comps- and I might of scored our only goal hahah it was seriously fun!) So we took s....and we listened to the spiritual part while m..... was in his interview (i think it was good for her though because it was alot about confidence and our potential as daughters of god-really really good) and then after about an hour and a half he came out and was super happy- apparently prez let him call his favorite elder that found them initially and he was just elated and he told this elder all about his favorite hermanas (us haha) and now prez just has to write a letter to the apostles and we´ll see what happens- so he is well on his way to getting baptized!!! POR FIN!!!! 
I also saw hermana knapp and it was the best. I am rooming with her and Egbert after the mish-it´s going to be a thing.
Also Mackenzie is getting married!!!!!!!!asdfkljasñkdfjñkj I am not going to have friends because they are all married and I am going to have babysitting jobs like crazy. 
It was a really really good week. I learned a lot and everyday I think that I am so blessed to be here serving these people and the Lord. It´s hard but I love it more than anything!
Thanks for all the photos, support and love! Take care and I´ll talk to you next week!
Les amo muchismo! 

H. Willy

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