H e y  family!!
So lots of things have happened this past week...

FIRSTLY- I´m in the mission SANTA FE!! It is official. The new mission president (Presidente Perez) arrives the first of July and we are having a good bye activity with Presidente Zanni and his family this Saturday.Woot! Also Hermana Hone and Hermana Richey are still in my mish so that´s good haha! 

This week was kind of crazy- we get a call like Monday night saying that we have to find a new apartment like ASAP- because ours is above a bar- oops. So we spent the majority of the week talking to rent people (I forgot the word for that in English...) and looking at apartments and we found some pretty good ones. We had a feeling that the sister training leaders were going to move to our area because they were all up in our business trying to help us and figure things out- turns out we were right (but more about that later).

Also we had tramites this week!! So we got to travel for the last time to Rosario and hang out in the offices and chill. It was really good. And I got to go with Hermana Hone so it was the best.AND I got to see Hermana EGBERT!! Which I hadn´t seen since like the beginning of my mission. It was the best. 

SECONDLY- We got transfers and as predicted Hone and I both got taken out and the sister training leaders got put in to be closer to the oficinas and prez and stuff. Yup the dreaded day finally came. UGH. It was really really really really sad. Leaving her was probably the hardest thing and we cried a lot (and I still can´t read her letter that she wrote in my transfer journal because it chokes me up and makes me sad- yeah we´re those hermanas with a hardcore bromance). But we knew it had to end. Hermana Hone is going to go train in La Paz- which is like six hours away :( Whereas I got sent right next door hahah to the old area of the assistants- they are opening an area and we are sharing the ward with them and the new santa fe office elders- the church building I´m going to be in is the stake center and where the mish offices are now. So I´m just kind of at the center of it all now hahah. And apparently the new mish home is also in my area. crazy. And we are in Centro- which means we are in downtown area- it´s super super busy all the time. But anyways it is only one area away from my last one hahah- neighbors! It´s weird but it should be good. Well I´m doing kind of the same thing that happened last time- whitewashing and with a comp that just got out of training. Her name is Hermana Rivera and she is from Peru- yup haha another peruana! Speaking spanish all the time is probably good for me- it´s not my fav but whatevs. Also my comp has a really heavy peruvian accent and that first day we were together I probably said como about every three seconds hahah poor thing.  She was actually partly trained by hermana richey and just came from Sunchales so we know all the same people and it´s been super fun so far to talk about it! It´s so funny because she was telling me that when I left Sunchales Hermana RIchey wouldn´t stop talking about me and it made her mad- and she´s just like who is this hermana willis- hahaha now we´re compies! So anywho it should be super fun! Our first day we had a miracle. We went to the house of a less active family that we found in the ward directory- We go into the house and we instantly both just feel something super special. One of their daughters runs up and gives us a huge hug and I realize that she has downs. So I´m instantly like yup this family is super special. They are a huge family too like six kids in total. Anyways we sit down and are sharing something when we find out that the whole family are members of the church except the mom (she even goes to church most of the time- no one really understands why she´s so hard and doesn´t want to be baptized)! We start to share something when hermana rivera starts talking about eternal families- ugh she´s such a good teacher- and we then start talking about her daughter who is downs and how she is perfect and that if they want to live with her they need to be sealed together as an eternal family which means the hermana needs to be baptized. The spirit was soooo strong and we were all just sobbing hahah ( me especially- it hit a little too close to home- and I just want these blessings so bad for this family. I already love them so much that I don´t really know how it´s possible). Anyways we didn´t give the mom a date yet but invited her to pray about it- she was really tough in the beginning of getting their but by the end we were like family and she was just a big softy. I love the way that the gospel can change people- even within 20 minutes a person can change in a big way. It was kind of just amazing. And a huge confirmation to us both that we were in the area we needed to be and companions for a reason. It was really really good. 
We have a lot to do here- we hear it´s a HUGE ward and this area is crazy- but we are both really excited and I know that we are going to see many miracles here. I know the Lord is guiding me and helping me every step of the way. This will maybe be a hard transfer but it will also be a really good one. 

I love you all so much! Send my love to both grandmas hahah and send a big big hug and kiss to grandma miller. Congrats Vancers on graduating!!! That´s huge and I can´t wait to hear your speech!! And ps you and your girlfriend are adorbs! ;) And I can´t wait to go to a sesh with you someday in the temple... when you have a temple day on the mish I am sneaking down and going too- I have lots of crazy plans to visit you on your mish I hope you know that! Also Matt I hear you own a pair of flamingo shorts. Lauren I missssss you soooooo much you look so grown up and beautiful!!! OKay good luck with everything this week- I want the low down on everything that happens at the funeral. Send my love to everyone you see there- I´ll be there in spirit. Also DAD happy fathers day!!!!! I´m sorry I´m never at home to celebrate it with you- so I guess that me being here isn´t that different than any other year hahah (how terrrible)! Okay I have to go! LOVE YOU!!!!!
Hermana Willis

ps I love all the pictures... minus the one with Vance and Sadie. Sadie is the spawn of Satan, like all other dogs.

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